FCA Girls Black Mountain Competitor's Challenge Coach Reference
The applicant is requesting participation in a special track at the girls FCA Black Mountain Camp. This “Extreme Competitor” session requires each athlete to extend themselves physically and mentally. We are looking for girls who will embrace the challenges, never say “I can’t” or “I quit,” and are eager to work together in difficult circumstances with team members.
Participants will be required to carry heavy lumber along with their teammates, run a 5K mud and obstacle course while carrying their lumber, will complete a brutal hour long circuit with the lumber, work with their teammates while carrying the lumber up and down the mountain in a quest to retrieve hidden items, as well as conquer a high ropes obstacle course. Successful participants will arrive at camp in relatively good shape.
Each girl is required to have a coach fill out the following assessment about their athletic abilities, toughness, and role on their teams. We really need your honest assessment to avoid having an unfortunate mis-match of this extremely demanding program and a girl not suited for the task. The scale of 1-5 is to limit your options, simplifying the “grading.” If a girl is truly “average” in a particular area, please mark a “3” to reflect that. If a girl is truly exceptionally good or bad, please use a 5 or 1, respectively. Use the 4 and 2 scores if a young lady falls between average and exceptional.
Thanks in advance for helping us identify the right girls to admit into this very challenging program. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Katie Harrell, Camp Registrar at kharrell@fca.org or 919-848-4646
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