Southbank Trail Town: Walking Tour Check List
Consider the following scenario as you complete the self-assessment and work to consider the questions from the visitors’ perspective:

It’s a beautiful fall weekend, and you decide to pack up the family and the bikes and head to your trail for a few days of biking. You have the trail maps and have decided to stay with friends who live nearby and have been encouraging you to come explore the trail and its surroundings. You know your teenagers will want to stop frequently for food/drink, and you’re glad that the map shows towns every ten miles or so along the trail. The weather is glorious and everyone is having a great time until the first tire goes flat and you realize the pump was left in the car! Luckily, the unfortunate incident happened right as you approach town. Everyone decides to head into the town for a resolution. What did you find? (Make note of any items not mentioned in the checklist that you find important.)

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Traffic & Access Issues Assessment
General Access Between Trail and Town
What is the distance between the business district and the trailhead(s)?
Is it easy for visitors to find and access downtown from the trail?
Is there an easy grade between trail and town?
Are there sharp curves where horses, bikes and automobiles share the roadway?
Is there adequate signage for people to find the trailhead from town?
Are sign ordinances being enforced?
Is there adequate signage from the trail leading to the town?
Is there sufficient signage for finding businesses and services?
Not counting the trail, are there bike lanes or “Share the Road” signs in town?
Are bike/horse lanes and road shoulders free of potholes, kept clean and free of debris?
Are there curves or hills that create blind spots unsafe for bike or horse traffic?
Are the sidewalks in good shape?
Are sidewalks wide enough to accommodate pedestrian traffic?
Do curb cuts have a gentle slope?
Are all sidewalks continuous (vs. stopping abruptly), in the central business district?
Are crosswalks well-marked?
Do motorists generally respect pedestrians in crosswalks?
Are there pedestrian “Walk/Don’t Walk” signals?
Do signals allow enough time for a child or older adult to cross the street?
Are pedestrians highly visible to motorists at crossings?
As a pedestrian, do you feel safe when walking through town?
Parking (Vehicles and Bicycles)
Is there sufficient on-street parking?
Are off-street parking lots placed behind stores?
Are curb cuts in front of businesses limited (in size and number), resulting in a continuous sidewalk?
Are there bike racks near businesses?
Are bike racks placed in easy-to-find places?
Are bike racks well-placed to prevent interference with sidewalk use?
Are there secure off-sidewalk, bike parking areas close to the business district?
Are bike racks simple enough for the rookie rider to use correctly?
Are there creative bike racks (i.e., combo bike rack/bench or dual use of decorative metal fencing)?
Signage and Information:
Is there an attractive, well-placed access area sign?
Is there exit directional signage?
Is there an informational kiosk or bulletin board?
Is there an informational kiosk or bulletin board?
Is there directional signage indicating destinations to east/west or north/south?
Is there a rule/regulation/courtesy sign?
Is there interpretive information?
Is there information on contributing or volunteering?
Is there information on nearby town amenities or services?Is there a take-away map of the town with businesses/services listed?
If the trail crosses any roadways, are the crossings safe?
Are there signs to emergency facilities?
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