Maggie's Toronto SWAP: Committee Volunteer Application Form
Maggie's Toronto Sex Workers Action Project is one of Canada's oldest by and for sex worker justice organizations.  We were founded in 1986 on the belief that all sex workers deserve to live, work and thrive in their communities with safety and dignity. To this end, we must be in control of our own destinies - including by and for organizations, coalition building and advocacy efforts.For this reason, while our organization is open to support from allies (and thankful for it!), we prioritize sex workers in all positions. Our committees are open to sex workers and our allies.

*About Maggie's Committees*

Our committees are led by chairs of the Board of Directors along with community co-chairs. These are volunteer positions are dedicated to providing support to Maggie's, local organizing for sex worker justice and addressing the direct needs of local sex workers. We are part of a global movement for sex workers rights that works to advance the rights and safety of our community members.

*Time Commitment*

We conduct (remote) meetings on a monthly basis. Depending on project work and committee tasks we may also establish sub-committees or working groups that meet outside of these monthly meetings to coordinate, produce new projects and connect. For project work, time commitments are flexible according to volunteer capacity.

While we appreciate the interest from everyone who applies, we will contact only those whose responses best aligns with our work. Our committees are open to sex workers and community allies, but we prioritize applications from current/former sex workers Queer and Trans/Black and Indigenous Communities of Colour (QT/BIPOC) migrant sex workers, and sex workers with disabilities.

If you have any questions, please contact our Board chair Jenny at 

*Maggie's Mandate and Principles*

We're one of Canada's oldest by and for sex worker justice organizations. We've served Toronto's downtown east end since 1986.

Our mission is to empower sex workers to live and work with safety and dignity and to lead the fight for decriminalization and sex workers’ rights in Canada.

We provide a wide-range of services and supports, but our organization is unique in that we are run by and for local sex workers and operate on the belief that sex work is real, legitimate and valuable work. We run regular drop-in programming, street outreach, safe sex and drug use supplies as well as political and legal advocacy. Maggie's runs culturally specific programming and resources for Indigenous sex workers, Black sex workers as well as non-binary, trans and 2Spirit communities.

COVID-19 has radically altered our work. We are no longer able to access our physical offices and drop-in space and have shifted most of our work to virtual platforms with limited street outreach. As many of our community members have been excluded from government aid and emergency support we've stepped in and expanded our work to provide emergency grants, food boxes, street outreach, mental health services, and more!

Maggie’s is founded on a number of principles which guides our activities:

-Sex work is socially legitimate, important, and valuable work;
-Sex work is not the same as human trafficking;
-Sex worker empowerment stops human trafficking;
-Sex work is not intrinsically dangerous, oppressive or exploitative;
-Selling sex is a pragmatic and sensible response to a limited range of financial options;
-The oppression of sex workers does not affect everyone in the same way; and
-Sex workers can be safer sex professionals.
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