19-20 Choir Council Application *due by 8/29
Students will be selected for the choir council based on their application responses, character, commitment, and leadership potential.

Raider Choir Council Responsibilities:
Consistently demonstrate the L.I.S.D. Ten Ethical Principals
Maintain academic eligibility
Assist in developing a positive class attitude
Become acquainted with all choir students
Inform the director of choir members’ special accomplishments
Plan choir social events
Attend choir activities
Assemble and participate in teams that will maintain the choir facilities and set up and take down equipment for performances
Collect money and issue receipts to students
Help maintain the choir library and uniform closet
Lead, delegate and follow up with other members of the choir council in their duties, making sure all council responsibilities are being met
Attend choir council meetings: Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm (STUDENTS WHO DO NOT ATTEND COUNCIL MEETINGS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP)

• September 3rd
• November 5th
• February 4th
• April 7th
• May 5th

Do you agree to follow all Choir Council expectations? *
Are your parents aware of the commitment and responsibilities of a Choir Council member should you be selected? *
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What is the most rewarding leadership experience you have had and why was it rewarding for you? *
What challenges do you identify when it comes to leading others? *
What are your future goals and how does participation in the Choir Council fit into accomplishing these goals? *
Describe the character of an excellent leader as it applies to choir. *
In your own words, why should you be selected as a member of the Choir Council? *
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