Mohr Elementary School May 2017 Spring Community Survey
Please complete this survey to help us with future planning. This data will help us align school goals and activities, support classroom needs, direct PTA in community outreach, and fund opportunities that best support our growth! Your input is important to us!
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1. How many children do you represent at Mohr? *
2. What is the grade of your child or children? *
3. Mohr Kindness is our School Theme. Do you and your child know our 3 school rules? *
4. What do you feel are priorities for 2017-2018 school year? *
5. What has had a positive impact on your student at Mohr? *
6. What has contributed to a supportive learning experience for your child? *
7. How well can your child problem-solve independently when they get stuck?
Not all all
8. Is this an area you would like him or her to develop? *
9. How can Mohr Staff help better support your child's needs? *
10. During the school day, do you support integrating technology with instruction (Blended Learning) and funding for equipment such as chrome books, computers, printers, and materials? *
Not all all
11. How engaged do you feel to the school community? *
12. What areas have helped you connect to school? *
13. What are barriers that may cause you to miss an event? *
14. Please check PTA sponsored events that you would like to see continue. *
15. What event(s) would you like PTA to host that would support an inclusive environment?
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16. PTA is thinking about organizing voluntary after school opportunities. Student donations would need to cover the cost of the activity, as well as, parent volunteers. Would you want your child to participate? *
17. How much time would you be willing to volunteer to help organize and run an after school activity? *
18. If offered, how many days would you want your child to participate? *
19. Enrichment programs that you feel would most benefit your child? (Please do not choose all as most important) *
Least Important
Somewhat Important
Very Important
Most Important
Competitive Math / Puzzles
Lego Robotics / 3D printing
Software / Coding
Arts / Music / Drama
Science for fun
20. Do you have any additional feedback?
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Please go to the bottom of this page and enter SUBMIT. Print this page and bring to the flag pole after school to get an ice cream by Wednesday, May 31st. Thank you for your feedback!
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