The Professor Joseph Troll & Professor Lawrence S. Dickinson Trust Fund

The Professor Joseph Troll and Professor Lawrence S. Dickinson Trust Fund was established by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of New England, Inc., a charitable corporation organized exclusively for education purposes in the furtherance of science and turfgrass management.

Monies donated are expended by the fund’s trustees for the establishment of scholarships to assist college students studying turfgrass management. Initially the fund was established in the memory of Professor Lawrence S. Dickinson on September 9, 1968.

Students enrolled in Turfgrass Management are eligible to apply in the fall of their senior year. Students enrolled in the Winter School are eligible to apply upon acceptance to the program.

Professor Dickinson is acknowledged as the father of the Turf School at the University of
Massachusetts and for his turfgrass research. A course in lawn construction and maintenance was first offered in the Stockbridge School, University of Massachusetts in the spring of 1922.

However, the formal teaching of Turf Management at the University of Massachusetts under the
direction of Professor Dickinson officially began in 1927. A dual program was offered at that
time: Winter School, (a 12-week program for turf managers), and a two-year program consisting
of turf courses that was made available to Stockbridge School students. These were the first such programs in the United States.

It was 1947 when the 2-year Turf Management program was established in the Stockbridge
School. Agrostology courses were also offered in both the 4-year B.S. degree and graduate study programs.

In 1957 Dr. Joseph Troll joined the faculty at the University of Massachusetts as an instructor in
turf. His services to the turf program included: Teaching and advising (a) 2-year Stockbridge
School Majors; (b) 4-year University Turf option majors in the Department of Plant and Soil
Sciences; (c) graduate students; and (d) students in the 8-week Winter School for Turf Managers which he also administered. During his tenure, Dr. Troll saw certification of over 1025 Winter School students, graduation of 900 Stockbridge School turf majors, approximately 240 4-year students and 25 graduate students receive their respective degrees in the field of Turf
Management. According to a 1983 Simmon’s market survey, his graduates working on golf
courses outnumbered all other institutional graduates nationally.

Dr. Troll also carried on a great deal of turf related extension and initiated and managed nine
acres of turfgrass research plots. In addition, he administered the annual Massachusetts Turfgrass Conference and Industrial Show which raised money for college scholarships and turfgrass research.

Applications for the University of Massachusetts and Stockbridge must be submitted electronically no later than November 1. Awards will be made by February 1. Applications for the Winter School for Turf Managers must be submitted electronically by December 1.

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