Murder Minecraft Mystery
Provide your information to participate in the Murder Minecraft Mystery joint event by Crown Programs Office and the Game Design and Art Collaboration. This event is open to all students. Please complete the sign-up form to receive an invite to this event to access the game in Minecraft and engage on Discord. An invite will be sent a 15 minutes prior to the event. Event begins at 6 pm.

Access to participate in Crown supported servers requires agreement to abide by the Crown Virtual Community Guidelines (listed at end of form).

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Enjoy the event!

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Crown Virtual Community Guidelines
1. Racist, homophobic, misogynistic, sexist, transphobic, xenophobic, or any other derogatory posting is strictly not allowed. Bullying and other forms of harassment are strictly not allowed. Suggesting harm of self or others, even as a joke, may be considered “Other Harassment” under University policies ( and is not allowed. Remember we are a public server, and you are not anonymous. Use common sense and be professional. Any post you make on an official Crown College server or platform reflects on you in real life. If you have to think twice about it, don’t post it.
2. You are responsible for any post that your account makes and IT policy prohibits sharing your UCSC account credentials with others. If you pass your phone to a friend or give out your password, you may be held responsible for posts your account makes.
3. Please set your nickname to FIRST NAME “ALIAS” LAST NAME or FIRST NAME LAST NAME (ALIAS). If you don’t have an alias or don’t want to use it, set your nickname to FIRST NAME LAST NAME. If you don't want to use your given name, you are free to use your preferred name.
4. Not Safe for Work (NSFW), or inappropriate for classroom setting, posting is not allowed. Academic and non-graphic discussion of drugs or sex are allowed as long as they do not violate University policies. You must comply with UCSC Policies. Link:
5. Humorous posts can be made in the Safe for Work (sfw), or appropriate for classroom setting, #sfw-memes Discord channel, as long as they do not conflict with the first two rules.
6. Opinions and discussions are encouraged, but please keep it tactful and don't be mean or rude to anyone in the chat as a result. Use UCSC’s Principles of Community as a guide to your on-line behavior and engagement.
7. For any advertisement or promotion of events, businesses, etc. outside of Crown College-hosted events, please contact the @PA role or @CrownProgramsOffice for permission before posting to Discord or other online server and platforms.
8. Do not post any links related to pirated/cracked software. This also includes direct messaging (DM) as Universities are responsible for copyrighted material shared over the University’s networks. This includes responsible behavior for students, staff and faculty users of UCSC network.
9. Repeated behavior that is detrimental to the community will not be tolerated and we may warn you if we deem your behavior problematic. If we have to warn you multiple times, we will ban you. Serious offenses will result in a ban without warning, and may result in the offending content being deleted and a referral to appropriate University Offices.
10. Crown College servers and platforms are used for official Crown College events and other official College correspondence. If you would like to make your own smaller server with those that you befriend here, feel free to do so, we only ask that you do your best to avoid server drama. Consent of all participants in private servers is required.
11. Do not share any highly-sensitive information about yourself or others.
12. Do not invite anyone to Crown Discord Server and other Crown College specific online servers and platforms, do not share Pen Pal information. Crown students can request access to College specific server and platform information by outreaching to the Crown Programs Office at
Do you agree to abide by the Crown Virtual Community Guidelines as stated above to be able to participate in the Minecraft Murder Mystery event on Halloween (10/31/20)?
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