Neural networks want to hear your D&D character's backstory
I train neural networks to write humor by giving them datasets that they have to mimic. You can check out my work at

Recently I trained a neural network to write Dungeons and Dragons spells, and got fun results such as "Hail to the Dave", "Charm of the Cods", and "Curse Clam".

Recently I asked for readers to submit the names of their D&D characters so we could find out what happens when the neural network tries to generate character names. The response was great, a few thousand submitted within the first day - I'll definitely be using this dataset! (If you want to contribute to the character names project, go to this form: )

It turns out there are researchers working on training neural networks that can tell coherent stories:
Someday these might be used to help write really, really open-ended video games. The stories in the article above, though, were about going to the movies or robbing a bank. Let's insert some dragons!

We're going to build a dataset of D&D character backstories. If we get enough, researchers will be able to use them for training a new generation of storytelling AI.

So, use the form below to tell the neural networks about your character's backstory. Or about your friend's character's backstory. You can submit as many of these as you want. No length limit - in fact, details are encouraged. For science!

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