Airdrop Sign Up For New Token
This is the official sign up sheet for a new ERC20 token which is in the works as you read. But we would like to see if we could reach a hard-cap of 10k members who would like to take part in this airdrop.The name and contract information will be released the same day as the token to give everyone a fair chance at the market (including project member's). Tokens will not be locked in anyway like we have seen happen in the pass. This token will not be just another token but will come will features build in to help promote growth and a future for the token. No we are not solving any problem nor do we plan to. This leads more to "experimental" project that is the reason we have chosen an airdrop model. There will be a 21,000,000 token limit so that means each person will get the SAME amount 2100 (including project members) It's on the sign sheet. Thank you for your time.
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