Small Farm Works Order Form

This form is for viewing prices and for submitting orders, NOT for online payment.

If you place an order, you will need to submit your name and contact information so that we can
follow up with you. You will be sent an invoice via email (or U.S. Mail if you do not have an email

You can use this form to simply view pricing. Just do not click 'submit' at the end of the form and NO
information will be sent to us!

You can also use this form to request a shipping quote. This will require that you submit a
hypothetical order and complete the customer contact information section of the form. Doing so will
NOT commit you to an order or add you to a mailing list. There is a place at the end of the form
where you can indicate that you are requesting a shipping quote. An email address is required.

As people who vehemently despise junk mail, spam, robocalls, phishing, etc., we will never release
your name, address, or email information to anyone!

If you have questions, please let us know. Email is best: