Wylie Youth Soccer Association Scholarship Applications
The Wylie Youth Soccer Association is committed to promoting leadership, sportsmanship, and responsibility for all the youth who participate in our program. Each year many high school boys and girls who began as WYSA players take leadership roles, such as coaches, and referees. To recognize the achievements of these youth, WYSA annually awards the WYSA Scholarship to local high school seniors who have enhanced their WYSA participation by seeking opportunities to assume leadership positions within the organization. Our WYSA Scholarship program is designed to acknowledge and reward those WYSA participants who have demonstrated the highest of standards of integrity and responsibility by giving back to WYSA and to the Wylie community.

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Curriculum Vitae (Resume) emailed to: wysa.admin@wyliesoccer.com
Four letters of recommendation mailed to WYSA 110 Security Court, Suite 100 Wylie, Texas 75098

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Wylie Youth Soccer Association
Were you a player or are you a player in Wylie Youth Soccer?
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