Ponylife.net - Features Poll
Ponylife is a Pony World in your web browser (think about Pets style games).
And we wanna know what YOU would like to do in this new world.

Your opinion will define our firsts features that will be released.
(Coming in 2018, check our devblog http://devblog.ponylife.net/)

How old are you?
We are really curious about girl's age that are playing online games. We wanna create a nice game for everybody.
What feature do you think are more fun to play in a game?
Choose how many options you want, go ahead!
What made you STOP playing an online game that you used to play a lot?
Many times we just stop playing some game because something wasn't right, what make you or would make you stop playing a game? (You can choose how many options you want!)
Did you ever bought anything in a social game (with real money)?
If yes, which payment method did you used?
If not, why not?
I would like to receive more information about this new game!
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