Becoming Survey: From 'She-cession' to 'She-bound'
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A PWC survey claims that COVID has disproportionately impacted women's employment, causing a "she-cession" that sets back progress for women by up to 5 years. Do you agree that more women than men have left / are leaving your business since April 2020? *
Research shows that more than 40% of employees are considering leaving their current employer within the next year. The media is dubbing this "The Great Resignation". Are you concerned about the number of people planning to leave your business within the next year? *
Our belief, at Becoming, is that the 'She-cession' and the 'Great Resignation' together may create a perfect storm - an ideal moment to create a step change in gender equity in the workplace. We might even dub it a 'She-bound'! Do you agree that 'She-cession' + 'Great Resignation' = an opportunity for you to address gender equity in your business? *
For 'She-cession' + 'Great Resignation' = 'She-bound' to be true, then businesses will need to act quickly. How energised are the following people / groups to seize this opportunity? *
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Your Board
Your Senior Management team
Your wider business
Your HR team
How much work are you and your team currently doing to create a 'she-bound' in your workplace? *
What do you think are the most challenging barriers for your organisation to create a 'she-bound'? *
What do you think are the most challenging barriers for you personally to drive a 'she-bound' in your business? *
What role do you play in your organisation? *
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