Central Texas Lions KidSight Vision Foundation
Vision Screening Survey

The Central Texas Lions KidSight Vision Foundation appreciates the opportunity to have served you and the children in your program. The discovery of vision impairment issues in these children can lead to life altering changes for them for the "rest of their lives." This is why we are so passionate about vision screenings, especially in the young children, so that permanent vision loss may be prevented.

Following is a short survey about your impressions of the screening process and whether we conducted ourselves in a professional manner. Please take a few moments and tell us how we did and could do better.
Date and Location of KidSight Vision Screening
1. How would you rate our professional appearance and approach with the children (and their parents if they were present)?
Barely appropriate
Highly professional and effective
Clear selection
2. How useful would you consider the PediaVision Spot screening to your situation?
Of little real value
A valuable screening tool
Clear selection
3. Did the KidSight Foundation volunteers adequately explain the screening process, screening results report, and record keeping procedures?
No, or vauge explaination
Provided fully understandable explaination
Clear selection
4. Would you recommend the Central Texas Lions KidSight Vision Screenings to your colleagues?
Probably not
Definitely YES
Clear selection
5. Would you be interested in having us come back next year to screen the new children and recheck the others?
Maybe, I will decide next year
Yes I definitely want to screen the chidren next year
Clear selection
Any additional comments that you care to provide will help us improve our efforts. Thank you for your time.
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