WATonomous Fall 2020 Application
Recruitment Policy: ​

Do the campus closure and the fact the year 3 competition happens at the beginning of the Fall Term, WATonomous will recruit on a rolling basis. However, please apply as soon as possible as spots will fill up and and we want to give you as much time as possible to contribute to the team!

We are recruiting for all divisions: Business, Electrical, Mechanical, and Software. Find more information about the team at https://www.watonomous.ca

F20 Remote Team:

Watonomous has fully transitioned to remote work for the Fall 2020 term. Meetings are held remotely. We will still have limited physical access to our vehicle for testing and development if required. For the Software team, we have invested a lot of time in Spring 2020 building a full software-in-the-loop testing system for our entire autonomous stack using CARLA and Mathworks tools.

------------------------------------------------------ Business Division --------------------------------------------------
Business Division

Business Division - Internal Sponsorship

The Internal Sponsorship team is a mission-critical part of our team and our main source of funding. The Internal Sponsorship Team is responsible for presenting sponsorship pitches to WEEF, MEF, and ENG-SOC and generates over 25,000 dollars in funding each year. We're looking for 2-3 members to assist with organizing these pitches. Afterwards, members will likely migrate to other projects in Business or in the greater team.

Business Division - Marketing

The Marketing Group is in charge of engaging external parties such as students, faculty members, and sponsors on the team’s progress. The Group is responsible for building WATonomous as a brand. We're currently looking for someone with interest in videography to organize a publicity video highlighting our progress in the last year on our autonomous stack. You'll be talking with and interviewing members across all divisions and directing the vision for the project. We are also looking for a social media manager.

Business Division - Business Administration

The Business Administration Group is responsible for organizing events for internal and external outreach. We're currently looking for a business administration lead to help organize a series of "Tech Talks" held by WATonomous team leads where we teach new members and the greater uWaterloo community about autonomous vehicles while also raising publicity and awareness for the team.

Business Division - Finance

The Finance Group is responsible for ensuring that our financial situation is sound and that we have the monetary resources necessary to win the competition. We're currently looking for a more CS / Technically oriented Finance lead who can maintain and improve an automated system for processing finance requests.

Business Division - Design

The Design Group is responsible for creating and updating the website and other promotional material. We're currently looking for a web master to improve and maintain the Watonomous website.

------------------------------------------------------ Electrical Division ------------------------------------------------------

Electrical Division - Sensor Interfacing

The sensor-interfacing group is responsible for setting up the sensors that will be responsible for collecting important data for the software teams. This term, the sensor-interfacing group will be researching methods on how to increase sensor accuracy, improving our existing sensor set-up to retrieve better data, and assist the radar-driver group with connecting the radars to the sensor network. Experience with C++, Git, and sensors is preferred and experience with ROS is a bonus.

------------------------------------------------------ Mechanical Division ------------------------------------------------------

Mechanical Division - Sensor Mounting

The Sensor Mounting group is responsible to mount all sensors safely, and design necessary enclosures for these sensors. The group performs analysis using tools such as ANSYS to verify design choices and to ensure all sensors are stable during motion. These sensors include cameras, LiDARs, and GPS. The group works closely with electrical and software teams to determine what sensors are required, how they need to be mounted, and enclosure requirements.

Mechanical Division - Infrastructure & Compute Rack

The group is responsible for outfitting our Test Track with the necessary equipment to simulate competition conditions as closely as possible. This allows for more holistic testing of the car’s performance. Recent projects include designing and building a mobile rig for a pedestrian dummy and designing a mount for traffic lights.

The group is also responsible for maintaining and improving upon the current Compute Rack in the car. The group ensures that any new equipment mounted onto the car is connected effectively to the compute rack. Furthermore, the group directly deals with any possible improvements to the Compute Rack design.

------------------------------------------------------ Software Division --------------------------------------------------

Software Division - Perception

The Perception Group is responsible for processing camera, LIDAR and radar sensor data to identify objects of interest (eg. road lines, traffic signals/signs, obstacles etc). Members will research and develop object detection and classification algorithms, experiment with existing open-source libraries, and work with other teams to integrate the Perception module into the software system. Members will gain experience working with machine learning, computer vision, point cloud data processing, system integration, ROS, OpenCV, C++, and Python. This year, we're focusing on lane line detection, robust traffic light detection, and object tracking.

Software Division - Path Planning

The Path Planning Group is responsible for handling decision making in different situations including collision avoidance, automated emergency braking, intelligent routing, four way stops, protected intersections, parking, lane changes, speed handling, and much more. Experience with ROS, Path Planning, C++, and Python are required. This year, we're focusing on building a localization module, improving our MPC feedback controller, creating a full software-in-the-loop simulation system, and creating a robust behavioural planner.

Software Division - Infrastructure

The Infrastructure Group is responsible for creating the tools needed to integrate and support the modules of all the other groups. Infrastructure members will gain experience working with technologies such as Docker, ROS, Python and C++. This year, we're focusing on automating software-in-the-loop simulation testing using CARLA and dockerizing the entire software pipeline.
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