Sandbox Application - Spring 2018
Hi there, filmmaker!

Welcome to your first step toward joining our community!

What is the Sandbox?
The Sandbox is an intimate, hands-on workshop where directors work on their actor communication skills.
For each meeting, we pick a 2-page scene and 2/3 actors. 4 directors take 25-30 minutes to work on their vision of the scene with actors, followed by a round of constructive feedback at the end.

Before you apply, you should know that:
- Our meetings will take place in Williamsburg at The Cave (58 Grand St.) on Thursdays, 7-10pm, starting February 22 for 16 weeks , ending on June 14.
- Season dues are $175.
- Like our works-in-progress workshop, we ask that participants commit to 75% attendance. (Filmshop members can drop in as guests.)

Please complete this form by FRIDAY January 26th.

Want to know more? Please direct your questions to


Sandboxers at Play
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As part of the season, there is a required shooting exercise outside of the workshop. Every member will be given a theme and they have to shoot it. It doesn't have to be shot on an Alexa; an iPhone is just fine. But you have to shoot a 3-5 minute piece as an exercise. Sound good? *
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We call ourselves a community and we treat it as one. We expect every member to be participate so please choose up to 3 topics that you want to be involved with: ( It won't take more than 30min/week at most.) *
The Sandbox's 2017 End of Season party!
Let us know if you feel you need financial aid.
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