Spotted Lanternfly Workshop
Join us on Wednesday, March 13th from 1pm-4pm at the Town Hall of Constantia, NY located at 14 Frederick Street, Constantia, New York.

Attention all Maple Producers and Foresters & Growers of Hops, Vineyards, Tree Fruits & Nut Trees
Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive species posing a new threat to NY’s forests, as well as our agricultural & tourist industries

Spotted Lanternfly (SLF), Lycorma delicatula, is an invasive insect native to China, India, Vietnam. SLF were first discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014 and have since been detected in New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. In New York, dead insects have been detected in Delaware, Albany, Monroe, Yates, Suffolk, Kings, New York, Chemung, and Westchester counties. Following the reports, DEC and Department of Agriculture and Markets (DAM) staff immediately began extensive surveys throughout the area. At this time, no additional insects have been found.

SLF has high spread potential. Therefore, early detection of this invasive crop and forest pest vital.

SLF pose a serious threat to agricultural crops especially, hops, vineyards, tree fruits, nut trees and maples. SLF also reduce the quality of life for people living in heavily infested areas as the insect excretes a thick honeydew that makes outdoor recreation extremely unpleasant.

Signs of an SLF infestation include:
• Sap oozing or weeping from tiny open wounds on tree trunks, which appears wet and may give off fermented odors.
• One-inch-long egg masses that are brownish-gray, waxy and mud-like when new. Old egg masses are brown and scaly.
• Massive honeydew build-up under plants, sometimes with black sooty mold.
• Report any sightings to the DEC at

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