SSDAB Rollout Survey
Given the very serious challenges that we are almost certain to face for the foreseeable future, the Community Media Association (CMA) is undertaking a short survey to gauge opinion on whether it would be sensible for Ofcom to postpone the start of the small-scale DAB (SSDAB) licensing programme.

Whilst many parties have anticipated progressing the new licensing framework as quickly as possible, the CMA now seeks to survey the views of our members and the wider sector on whether it would be sensible for Ofcom to consider postponing the rollout of SSDAB.

The current health crisis is likely to create considerable logistical difficulties for current licensees and the CMA would presume that community radio stations will want to keep focused on meeting the challenges of the next few months and serving their communities.

It is likely that both human and financial resources for licensees will be stretched enough without having to think about applying for new licences, negotiate carriage with multiplex operators, and so on. If this is the case, there is a risk that prospective broadcasters on SSDAB may miss their opportunity to apply for a digital licence and might have to wait some time for another invitation to come around.

Please complete the short survey below for the CMA to take forward to Ofcom.
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