Fleur Royale Maid and Butler Cafe Application Form
If you are applying for the Maid Cafe DO NOT buy an attendee badge until hearing if you have been accepted or not. If you are accepted you will be given a FREE badge as a member of staff.
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Are you food safety certified? *
A food safety certification is not required to work the cafe.
What would you like your Maid or Butler name to be? *
Your maid or butler name cannot be too similar to your real name or your facebook name for safety reasons. Keep the names to one word or they may not fit on the name tags. Your name selection is not guaranteed and you may be asked to choose a new name.
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Are you able to work every day of the convention? *
If you answered No to working all days at the convention, please explain
You will have to make up any missed time.
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Have you worked with the Fleur Royale Maid Cafe before? *
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