Indigenous Scholars Host Application 2021
Please fill out your organization's information below to apply to be an AIBL Internship Host. Our internship program offers organizations access to rare, diverse talent. We carefully select a small group of high-achieving university students each year. Additionally, all of our interns identify as indigenous, hailing largely from tribal communities across the United States and Canada.

We review each host to see:

-If you are able to adequately support an intern for the summer (i.e. provide a dedicated workspace for their intern, provide at least two on-site mentors for the intern, and also look at how you are able to provide additional support for your intern. This may include providing a scholarship for the intern or contributing to their internship in some way -- please see brochure for more details on this).

-If you are selected as a potential host, we will schedule a call with you to discuss what type of intern would be most beneficial to you and your organization. We will then review our database of student applicants in Winter 2021 to source the perfect fit for you and your organization.

We hand select an elite group of Indigenous Scholars from around the country for this unique opportunity and are happy to connect them with leading companies and organizations like yourself. Thank you for your dedication to Indigenous youth.

Please feel free to reach out to the Internship Project Director, Hannah Cirelli, at with any questions.
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