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Thank you for deciding to give me feedback on my portfolio. I'm a student of design and I know I'm not perfect. But I'm always eager to listen and learn. Please let me know what you think would make this portfolio better!

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What do you think about the overall aesthetic of the portfolio? *
What do you think about the color scheme, typography, anything working well or not well?
Stay right there. I'm calling the police.
Please email me right now. I want to hire you.
How easy was it to navigate? *
Were you able to find everything that you were looking for with ease? How can I improve the user flow of the website?
As hard as going through Pan's Labyrinth blind.
Easier than Google Maps on steroids.
What do you think about the organization of the content? *
I want to know if you thought the way it was organized showed good writing and effectively highlighted the content of my projects. What kind of projects do you see me doing more in the future?
Are thou Shakespeare? Because I understand don't.
It's like watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.
Does it effectively show my design processes? *
Is my portfolio effectively highlighting each project? Were you able to follow along?
DoES iT efFeCtivEly SHoW My dESIgN pRoCEsseS?
You are the greatest philosopher of our lifetime and your portfolio is a national treasure.
Any other feedback or comments?
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