White Gown Member Consensus
Dear Members of CSF,

We hope everyone has been having a wonderful start to the school year! There’ve been some rumors circulating campus regarding graduating in white, so CSF would like to take this opportunity to clear up any confusion. Unfortunately due to disagreements with admin, CSF will be unable to provide the white gown to graduating lifetime members. We are incredibly disheartened to share this news and the purpose of this is to give an explanation behind why this decision was made.

In order to achieve the Lifetime Membership status, members must have 4 consecutive or 5 non-consecutive semesters of active membership. A semester of active membership entails attending and participating in at least one CSF volunteering event. It has happened that sometimes members are misinformed with the number of volunteering events they have completed which offsets their assumed requirements in order to achieve Lifetime Membership. Everytime a membership participates in a volunteering event or drive, they usually receive a confirmation receipt that indicates and validated their participation.

Admin has made this decision to completely remove the white gown because they feel as if graduation is a token of unification and one of the last time the entire class will stand with each other as a unified front. Unfortunately, admin is unwilling to compromise despite the 150+ seniors and countless other CSF members who are on track to graduate in white. It was said that CSF members have dedicated their time and resources for their past four years at Dublin High, and how they deserve to graduate in the white gown that has always been promised for the last 15 years. We tried suggesting slowly turning over the white gown after the class of 2022 to ensure that this abrupt change wouldn’t affect on-track members. However, admin remains adamant to their decision.

By no notion does CSF advocate the white gown as a sole judgement of a student’s character over another. Nor do lifetime members accrue more than 20 volunteering hours for obtaining Lifetime membership as a sole statement of their character for college applications. No form of award of recognition will ever parallel the societal impact CSF volunteering and community service events have had. Graduating in white the white gown simply serves as a token of commemoration for Lifetime Members to recognize the time and dedicated service to their community.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this unfortunate news may have caused. The CSF Board is working at their full capacity to make sure all of CSF’s members’ concerns are heard. Regardless of the removal of the white gown, lifetime members will still be graduating with the gold CSF stoles. We are working towards securing pins and/or tassels as well. The next steps are to get a consensus of what exactly the CSF members would like moving forwards. Please fill out this Google Form to the best of your abilities, even if you are not senior. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to working with you to solve this issue.

All the criteria for membership is listed at our website at dublincsf.com/membership. Please reference this if there are any future questions regarding lifetime membership criteria; email us at dublinhighhcsf@gmail.com if you have further questions.

Warmest Regards,
The CSF Board
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