Galesburg-Augusta Remote Learning Parent Feedback
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input will help us assess the effectiveness of our distance learning plans the district provided students this spring. It will also help us plan for the next school year in the event the Covid-19 virus forces school to close again. IF you have more than one student in different buildings, you will be able to complete this form multiple times if you wish to do so.
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Building(s) your child(ren) attend:
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How would you rate the district's overall response to the COVID-19 crisis?
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Engagement in Instruction
We would like to understand which type of instructional methods most engaged our students learning at home.
Which type(s) of remote learning did your child(ren) participate in?
Which type of learning has your child(ren) found to be most engaging?
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What resources did you utilize the most? What did you use to best support your child(ren)?
Which learning activities worked well?
Which learning activities did not work well?
As a parent/guardian, I had a clear understanding of what was expected of my child(ren) during remote learning.
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My child(ren) had a clear understanding of what was expected during remote learning.
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How independent did you feel your child(ren) was/were at engaging in remote learning?
Not at all
Fully independent
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Please select any factors that made remote learning difficult for you or your child(ren)
Describe your technology availability at home. Please select all that apply.
We recognize that communication from school to home is critical for ensuring quality programming from a distance. Please share your thoughts with the following:
What is the best way to communicate with you? Check all that apply.
In what ways did we excel at getting information to parents and students (progress, expectations, etc.)?
What are some ways we can improve our communication with families (progress, expectations, etc.)?
At this time we are planning for face to face instruction with guidance from the state for increased safety protocols. However, we are planning to provide an online academy for those families who would prefer their children continue to learn from home. How interested would you be in such an online academy? *
Rate your level of comfort with sending your child(ren) back to on-site face to face learning in the fall?
Very Uncomfortable
Very Comfortable
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If the State sees a resurgence of infections and schools are forced to close again sometime next year, what are some ways that you would like the district to support new learning?
Please provide us with any additional feedback/celebrations/concerns/questions.
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