CSE Club Officer Position Application Form
Would you like to become an officer for the 2018 school year? Apply today!

Treasurer Responsibilities:
- In charge of all accounts and bookkeeping of funds for the Club treasury
- Make all necessary financial reports to CSUSB, IEEE, ACM
- Maintain an up-to-date record of all account balances and financial transactions
- Oversee all banking and cash handling for the Club
- Work together with President and Vice President to foster the financial health of the Club

Secretary Responsibilities:
- Maintain an archive of all Board meetings that is easily accessible to all officers
- Manage an up-to-date calendar of all scheduled events
- At minimum, maintain records of:
* Membership records
* Meeting minutes
* Event Attendace
* Constitution and Bylaws

Outreach Coordinator Responsibilities:
- Recruit Club members to participate in outreach activities
- Create and Manage a weekly schedule of tabling volunteers
- Maintain an inventory of outreach materials
- Foster an atmosphere of community on campus

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