Faculty Streaming Media Request
Please complete this form to submit your streaming video request. We value your assistance in selecting media that is most helpful to CCSF students. We will contact you by email to let you know the status of your request.

Priority is given to assigned required viewing for online courses. Allow 3-4 weeks for the Media Librarian to research and process your request. Please be aware that some films may not be available streaming.

All licensed streaming videos are discoverable through the library catalog with their expiration dates. Please confirm that the film you're requesting is not available before completing this form. To do this, search for the title in the "Books and Media" tab of library catalog (https://library.ccsf.edu/).

If instead of filling out this form you would rather discuss the streaming media needs of your students through email, in-person by appointment or by phone, please contact your subject librarian or the Media Librarian for assistance.

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