WCS Parent Remote Learning-Reopening Feedback Survey
This survey is intended to gain feedback and insight from parents as we make plans to reopen schools. Thanks for your continued dedication and support. #WCSChargerPride
1. How many children do have you enrolled in WCS? *
2. Which school(s) do they attend? (select all that apply) *
3. If COVID 19 concerns persist into this Fall and you have the option, would you prefer to: *
4. How does your child(ren) access the internet? (select all that apply) *
Which types of devices do your child(ren) have access to at home? Check all that apply. *
5. When WCS resume in person instruction do you plan for your student(s) to be transported by WCS school bus. *
6. After experiencing remote learning, has your opinion of it become more favorable, less favorable, or unchanged.
Clear selection
7. Is there anything your child(ren)'s school can do to improve the remote learning experience?
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