Sexton Test Prep & Tutoring - May SAT Class (March - May 2020)
Sexton is offering a 12-hour SAT course to prepare your student for the May SAT. This class will be taught by Samantha, one of our Master Tutors. The course is designed to give your student a complete strategic overview of all three sections of the SAT. By completing this course, students will become familiar with SAT strategies and improve their knowledge of the most commonly tested topics. From punctuation to systems of equations to historical reading, this class will comprehensively address all of the important topics on the SAT. The skills and tricks learned during this unique course will undoubtedly increase your student's score.

Samantha is currently working on her PhD in population health at Northeastern University after getting her MPH at George Washington University. Because of her passion for teaching, she hopes to use her PhD to teach at a university while doing research in public health. She has been tutoring SAT and ACT prep for over four years and finds working with adolescents to be extremely rewarding – she has put in as many as 40 tutoring hours in a single week! Having taken the GRE twice in recent years, she understands firsthand the difficulty of planning and executing a strategy to master a standardized test, and also knows the payoff that comes with hard work and perseverance. Samantha prides herself on student score improvement and her ability to identify and remediate very specific student weaknesses, both in content and strategy. In her free time, she loves to travel, crochet, cook, and hike. She has been to 10 different countries in the past five years!

Class Size:
Maximum of 16 students

Six sessions on Monday Evenings from 7-9PM
March 16
March 23
March 30
April 6
April 13
April 27

The course fee includes 12 hours of preparation, books, materials, and priority access to our free mock tests.
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