Blockception Team Application Form
Welcome! This is the official application for “Blockception”. Please note that this is not a direct process into team. Accepted forms will only grant you access to a trial period* to which reviewers will continue monitoring your performance as a builder and team member with limited access to our resources. Good luck!

*Trial periods are purely for monitoring your performance as stated, NOT for trial builds--however there is no restriction if you do wish to do so. The duration of this process should be brief, but the process may vary depending on your activity within the group.

What position(s) are you applying for? *
What is your in-game username? *
How old are you? *
It is recommended that you be at least 15 years old. Younger individuals may nevertheless apply if their works hold some merit.
What country do you currently live in? *
”Blockception” has an international roster of members, and knowing where each lives allows for efficient coordination within the team. It also gives the reviewers an idea of when to send you your confirmation message.
What is your discord username? *
The final review of your application will be sent through Discord. This process is wholly dependent on the availability of the reviewers and the current member count. Please include the hashtag.
Please list any current or past affiliations with other build teams. *
If you have not joined any other team, please answer with “N/A”. Previous experiences allow the reviewers to evaluate you as a builder with some context.
Please provide a portfolio of your past works. *
Images should be uploaded to and provided from “”. Please compile your images into one album, which should also be set to public viewability. Separate links will NOT be reviewed. Builds are suggested to be made with the default Minecraft resource pack along with its default lighting settings (no shaders). Any written documents should be sent using Pastebin.
Why do you want to join Blockception? *
Something like a dissertation is not expected, but it is nice to see what applicants have to say.
Any further comments?
Do you have something important to mention that isn't asked here? Maybe a fun fact too!
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