Deerfoot-Rasporich Minecraft Youth Scholarship
This scholarship is inspired by our working together designing a WWI Minecraft learning game and our commitment to making the world sustainable for future generations. We are hosting a fun Minecraft server where kids can play and learn about each other, and invite youth to apply for one of 12 scholarships valued at $50 apiece.
Indigenous languages, Minecraft coding and designing sustainable villages will be part of this ongoing adventure on our Minecraft server "TheRenewal.Earth"

Recipients of this scholarship will help build a community around the values of creativity, justice and adventure.

Deadline: May 14, 2021
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What does teamwork look like to you? ---- À quoi ressemble le travail d'équipe pour vous? *
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What could you build from an Indigenous point of view? —— Que pourriez-vous construire d'un point de vue autochtone? *
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