Mechcables USB Cable Order Form

After your order is submitted you will be invoiced via Paypal. For multiple cables submit the form once for each cable and they will be combined into one invoice.

For support/questions, email

If you have a picture of your desired cable but are unsure of the specs or how to order, paste a link to the image with a short description of any changes you want made and I will modify the order to match it.

[AVIATOR Cables] Aviator cables require two form submissions, e.g.
form #1 = USB C to Aviator Female
form #2 = Aviator Male to USB A (both cables will be combined into one invoice)

[CTRL / ALT keyboard users]
Due to the high power requirements of these keyboards, the cable length (including coil) should be kept as short as possible. 550 cable wire gauge is 26/28AWG (max ~13ft) and Jumbo cable wire gauge is 24/28AWG (max ~15ft).
Brightness levels on the keyboard can be reduced slightly to avoid issues.
Length (Starting @ $16)
Select "COIL" if you are buying a coiled cable (the length will be calculated later based on the length and size of the coil).

Select "Other" if you want a non-standard length (e.g 9", 5.5ft, 5' 3", etc.).
Minimum: 5 inches
Maximum: 13ft (550), 16ft (Jumbo)

*Lengths above 5ft will cost an additional $1/ft for regular size (550) cable and $1.50/ft for Jumbo cable.
Length Answer *
Paracord Sleeving Options
550 Paracord -
Jumbo Paracord -
For themed cables write the theme name here (e.g. 550 Laser, Jumbo Laser, Jumbo Nautilus, etc.)
For two-toned cables write "[Dual] color1, color2" (+$3) (color1 will be used on the end closest to connector #1)
Paracord Sleeving Answer *
Your answer
Double Sleeving (Techflex) *
Braided plastic sleeving. Mostly for aesthetics but it also increases durability and coil memory/elasticity. Colors:
Connector #1 (Device End) *
Connector #2 (Host End) *
Coil (+$7) Sizes: *
Coil Details README
Skip this section if you are not getting a coil.

Please use the following format:
[connector#1]----length----////////coil length/////////----length----[connector#2]

example: [USB C]-----2"-----////////7"/////////-------4ft-------[USB A]

In the example above, the coil would start 2 inches from the USB C connector and would be 7 inches long. After the coil there would 4ft of straight cable, making the effective length 4' 9" (2in + 7in + 4ft = 4ft 9in)

NOTE: The maximum coil length is 13 inches
Coil Details Answer
Your answer
Heatshrink *
Rubber/plastic material that covers and keeps the connectors held together.
Shipping *
Orders with multiple cables will only be charged once. International customers: If your order total before shipping is over $50 I will apply a discount of $7.50.
Paypal Email (Used for Invoicing) *
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Email (Used for communication)
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Additional Instructions / Comments / Feedback
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What device/keyboard do you plan on using with this cable? *
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