Squirrel Hill Night Market 2017
The Squirrel Hill Night Market
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DATES: June 17, August 26, September 23

Join in the fun in this very special opportunity to pop up in the heart of one of Pittsburgh's most populated neighborhoods and successful business districts. We will be lined up on the blocked street spanning on Murray Avenue from Forbes to Bartlett. Created in 2015 by NextGen:Pgh.

Fee: $90/10x10 space/event. Meaning each month the fee is $90 individually. You will be expected to make payment for this amount via PayPal or check. Payment info will be sent upon acceptance.

Insurance: Sellers will be required to have insurance. ACT Insurance is one insurance option where you can find affordable event specific or annual (more cost and coverage effective) policies. Find them at actinsurance.com. We will create events there you can just click and pay per event if you go that way. If you are looking for local insurance provider recommendations contact imadeitpgh@gmail.com.

Application: I Made It! Market will choose artists who create only handmade wares. We jury events, meaning, we choose artists based on quality of work, type of work, variety and aesthetic. We provide opportunities for both new and returning artists who put care, quality and thought into their work. Please note that due to the large number of jewelry submissions that we receive, we cannot accept all jewelry makers. Please fill in the application below and we will be in touch to let you know when to expect to learn if you have been accepted. We strive to offer a mix of 70% returning and 30% new artists in each event.

What you provide: This event is a bring your own table/chairs event. Additionally, you may bring a tent (not required) - please indicate if you have one in the application below. Tents must be weighted down as they will be set up on concrete. This is an outdoor event rain or shine. Artists may also provide a table covering, signage for your small business, etc.

++ PROMOTION: Each artist will have the opportunity to provide a bio offering links and information about their wares, process, and to provide info about promotions. This bio will be housed on the I Made It! Market site and promoted through social media.

++ VENDOR AGREEMENT: We will send you an agreement to sign which should be scanned and emailed or mailed back to us preceding each event.

++ SALES: There is no guarantee that participating artists will have sales the day of the market. IMI works to ensure superior public relations, advertising and public awareness of the event and the purpose of the event – to purchase handmade wares and inspire relationship building/new customers for participating artists. Tips and best practices for preparing your space, arranging your goods, and building relationships will be shared with artists leading up to the event. However, sales, the day of the event is each artist’s responsibility.

++ TAXES: Each artist/vendor is responsible for reporting and paying sales tax.
PA Taxes are found at pa100.state.pa.us you will enter your social security number or EIN (apply at IRS.GOV) and choose Sales Tax in section 3 (sales use hotel occupancy tax license)

++ INSURANCE: is the responsibility of the artist. All artists should have business liability insurance. See above.

++ FOOD VENDORS: All food vendors must be licensed and carry their permitting with them at the event.

Application Note:
We will notify you within 4 days of that your application has been received as submitted and will provide info about our selection process. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 4 days of application, please email us at info@imadeitmarket.com to confirm.

Questions: info (at) imadeitmarket.com

You MUST SCROLL DOWN and fill in all questions ending with have you participated in an IMI before and then hit SUBMIT for us to receive your application.

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