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We're just looking to see what the average people know (Or think they know) about science.
Getting to Know YOU
Please tell us about yourself
Where did you go to school (K-12)?
Did you go to college?
If so, where, and what was your major?
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How do you identify?
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About the Earth
Home Sweet Home... what it is?
What is the shape of the Earth?
What observable evidence have you seen personally, which leads you to believe the earth is round/flat/other?
This is evidence you have seen yourself, not an authority such as a book, teacher, or television.
Your answer
True or false: The Christian West all thought the earth was flat until Columbus proved the world was round by sailing to the "New World."
Does the Earth go around the sun?
What obsevable evidence have you seen that convinces you that the earth does/does not go around the sun?
Again, observable data, Not an authority like a teacher, textbook or tv show.
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More Astronomy
Fly me to the moon...
How far away is the NEAREST star outside of our solar system?
Your answer
How do we know the distance to the stars?
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Are the stars suns like our own, or something different?
How do we know what the stars are?
What evidence supports your view of what stars are?
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True of False: While Italian Astronomer Galileo found support from fellow academics and scientists, he was persecuted by the Catholic Church.
True or false: Galileo was declared a heretic for saying the Earth is round and not flat.
True or false: Galileo was burned at the stake as a heretic for saying the Earth travels around the sun.
Do you believe men have landed on the moon?
What evidence do you have to support your belief that men have/have not landed on the moon?
To answer this, you may appeal to a particular authority, such as teachers or textbooks, but please explain why you believe them over those who teach otherwise.
Your answer
Do You Believe in MAGIC?
Not the Disney kind or the card game.
Do you believe in Magic? REAL Magic?
Does magic exist in the real world, outside of movies and "Magic Show" illusions?
Define what you mean by "magic" when you said you do or do not believe in it.
Your answer
Can you point to observable evidence to support your decision to believe/not believe in magic? If so, what is it?
Again, not the word of an authority- book, teacher, tv etc.
Your answer
Do you believe that something can come from nothing (Like an actual rabbit from a previously empty hat)?
Again, not a new arangement of preexisting matter- but can matter ever simply pop into being?
Would something coming from nothing be "Magic"? If something which did not exist previously in any form suddenly came into being, would that be "Magic"?
Not merely a new arangement of pre-existing materials, or from a SEEMINGLY empty space, but something from literally absolutely nothing.
The Universe
That's where I keep all my stuff.
Where did the universe come from?
What is your understanding of what the Big Bang model teaches about the 'creation' of the universe?
Not what you personally believe, but what you think the Big Bang model teaches about the origin of Time, Space, Matter, and Energy. What went BANG? Where did the stuff of the universe come from?
Do you believe that all matter is governed by laws of physics and chemistry, or does matter act randomly?
Human brains are made of atoms, but are our minds more than the physical brain?
Are our thoughts a result of our brains alone, or do we have a spirit or soul?
Do humans have free will? What evidence supports your answer?
Please explain your answer with observable data if possible.
Your answer
COULD humans have free will if our mind was ONLY our material brain?
Darwin or Not Darwin?
What explains all of the plants and animals which have ever existed?
Do you believe in Evolution?
Has life evolved in the past and/or is it evolving today?
When you said you do or do not believe in evolution, what did you mean by "evolution"?
Please define "evolution" as you meant it above.
Your answer
In the history of Earth, what caused the appearance of different kinds of plants or animals?
What observable evidence have you seen to make you believe in evolution or creation by God?
Again, observable evidence, not an authority like a teacher, textbook, etc.
Your answer
Please write the FULL title of Darwin's book on Evolution as it appeared on the first edition without looking it up on Google.
Your answer
True or false: Charles Darwin was the first person to publish a theory of biological evolution.
True or false: Charles Darwin was the first person to discover and write about Natural Selection.
What mechanisms of Evolution can create new genes which did not previously exist in any species?
Did Dinosaurs and humans live at the same time?
Many textbooks claim Dinosaurs went extinct more than 60 million years before humans were on earth. What evidence exists to support this claim?
Your answer
Humans or something like them
Do you believe humans evolved from some lower, ape-like ancestor?
Does Evolutionary theory teach that the different races of human evolved all at once, or at different stages of evolutionary history?
Again, not what you believe personally, but what you think is taught by Darwinian Evolution
Do you believe the different races of human are equal in ability, and potential (Physical, mental, moral, etc.)?
Are the differences between races MERELY skin deep (or is there more than separates them in brain, body and character)?
Are the different kind of dogs you can buy at a pet store different SPECIES?
Are the different races of humans different SPECIES?
When people talk about different races (e.g. whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc.) what is meant by "RACE"?
Your answer
Do you believe human life is Objectively more valuable than any other species on the planet?
To clarify- not more valuable TO YOU, but intrinsically more valuable than whales, bees, dolphins, etc.
Please explain WHY you think human life is or is not more valuable than any other species.
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Thank you for taking this science quiz!
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