2019-2020 MYSCHOOL Science & Engineering Fair Registration Form
We are so excited that your child has decided to participate in the Science & Engineering Fair this year! Before you complete this registration form, PLEASE be sure to thoroughly read the 2019 Student Handbook and the supporting material. These materials outline our Science & Engineering Fair’s rules and will help your child have a fun and successful experience. If you have any questions related to the Fair or this registration form, please email our Fair’s Chairperson at youremail@email.com.
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If this is a team project, please provide each teammate’s name, parent/guardian name, and parent/guardian email address. Please only register a team project once. *
Does this project involve the use of human participants or vertebrate animals as a part of experimentation? A human participant is anyone who you collect data on, whether you simply ask them questions or try to influence them in any way. *
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