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In the wake of the Festival season, Adelaide citizens are out and open to new and different events around the city. City Bible Forum, with the help of partner churches, wants to stage a public reading of the Bible in the centre of the city, using the power of story-telling to fill the city with messages of hope.

So on April 2-3, from 12-2pm, we will be transforming Hindmarsh Square into an oasis. There will be shade, seat, food cart, coffee cart and a stage from where stories from the gospel of John will be read, by a wide diversity of people, who will also share briefly how that story connects with their story.

This activity will be invitational, providing good news stories told in creative ways, that add a dimension of hope and inspiration to the city. (Think Writers Week) Our goal is to refresh the city with the power of great and timeless stories against a context of people needing space to reflect, rest and practice mindfulness. Adelaide City Council have been incredibly supportive in helping us pursue the right permits to conduct this.

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