Letter to the Class of 2017

To the Class of 2017, particularly those who feel marginalized or threatened by the chosen commencement speaker:

We, the undersigned alumni/ae, faculty, and staff of the University of Notre Dame, first and foremost, congratulate you and extend our full support in anticipation of your commencement day.

As Father Jenkins noted in his discernment regarding commencement speaker selection, graduation is a day for graduates and their parents, guardians, and families who have made such extraordinary sacrifices for them to attend the University.

Commencement is an opportunity for the University to celebrate its students’ journeys in pursuit of truth; to thank them for their contributions to the community of learning; and to send graduates forth with the hope they will use their knowledge and experiences in service to humanity. Our University’s mission makes clear that we, as students, graduates, faculty, and staff, must strive “to create a sense of human solidarity and concern for the common good that will bear fruit as learning becomes service to justice.”

Given the nature of commencement and our mission as a University, we are disappointed to find that Vice President Pence will be the University's commencement speaker. We believe that the Vice President actively opposes this sense of human solidarity and concern for the common good.

During his tenure as Governor of Indiana, Pence pursued policies that harmed the most vulnerable citizens of the state. He cut funding for public health interventions and delayed in removing a ban on needle exchange programs, leading to the worst HIV outbreak in state history; proposed to turn away refugee families fleeing war and violence and withheld aid and state services to resettled Syrians; signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act discriminating against members of the LGBTQ community, while endorsing conversion therapy programs; and ignored lead contamination in the predominantly African-American city of East Chicago. Now, in the White House, he tacitly approves President Trump’s unjust policies toward refugees and immigrants. As Father Jenkins noted, this immigration policy “halts the work of valued students and colleagues who have already passed a rigorous, post-9/11 review process, are vouched for by the university and have contributed so much to our campuses.”

Vice President Pence has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of concern for the common good and the values promoted by Notre Dame. Therefore, we are writing this letter in solidarity with every student, faculty, and staff member who is marginalized or threatened by Vice President Pence’s words and deeds, and the policies and rhetoric of the current White House administration. We hope his unfortunate selection as commencement speaker inspires all of us to reaffirm our own commitment to social justice.

We want to assure you that regardless of the commencement speaker, commencement day is yours. You’ve worked hard during your years at Notre Dame and you have earned this degree. Your contributions as students have made Notre Dame a better place, and we anticipate you will continue to strengthen it as alums. Your differing identities, backgrounds, and beliefs have enriched the University and the lives of your fellow students, faculty, and staff. This day and this University belong to you.

As you graduate, we encourage you to use your degree to serve the world, to take care of your brothers and sisters, and to show love in all that you do. That will be one of the best, most enduring ways to oppose Vice President Pence and the harmful ideas and policies espoused by him and the current administration.

The University of Notre Dame is about a simple idea: that being brothers and sisters to one another is our highest calling. This conviction pervades the way we read and the way we research, how we compete and how we create, how we live and how we love. The beauty of this community is that the students, faculty, staff, and alums love Notre Dame so much, they push it to become better. Their dedication to the University is surpassed by their devotion to one another. That’s why it is called the Notre Dame Family.

Congratulations on your graduation.


Kathleen Sophie Hedrick Abel (BS '09) Austin, TX
Audra Acey (BA '00) St. Mary's College, Utica, NY
Margaret Adams (BA '12) Kansas City, MO
Ellie Adelman (MA '12) Oakland, CA
Casey Africano (BA '16) Dallas, TX
Angelica Agosto (BA '06, M.Ed '08) Munster, IN
Christian Aguilera (BA '13) San Antonio, Tx
Lacey Ahern (BS '03) Eck Institute for Global Health, South Bend, IN
David Ahlman (BS '83) Des Plaines, IL
Jenna Ahn (BA '14) Santa Clara, CA
Lauren Aimonette Liang (BA '96) Salt Lake City, UT
Kristen Aland MD (BA '07) Cincinnati, OH
Anthony Albert (BA '04) Shizouka, Japan
Michael Aleman (BS '94) Yorba Linda, CA
Guillermo Alfaro Wahn (BArch '06) El Salvador
Kathryn Allberry-Drinan (BS '04) Darien, IL
Erin Allen (BA '06) Columbus, OH
Benjamin Allen, Staff, Mishawaka IN
Lisa (Jaquez) Allen (BA '80) Ijamsville, MD
Caitlin Allen (BBA '02) Brooklyn, NY
Adam Alongi (BS '12) Chicago IL
Valerie Alonzo (BA '96) San Antonio, Texas
Mia Alvarado (BA '01) Colorado Springs, CO
Bobby Alvarez (BA '14) Los Angeles, CA
Jon Alvarez (BA '02) Brooklyn, NY
Kelsey Amarosa (BBA '15, MSA '16) New York, NY
Rohan Anand (BS '10) Dallas, TX
Jane Andersen (BS '81) Berkeley, CA
Elizabeth Anderson (BBA '02, JD '07) St. Louis, MO
Mary Andrulaitis (BArch '90) Santa Barbara CA
Michael Angulo (BA '09) Phoenix, AZ
Jeffery Antkowiak, South Bend, IN
Lydia Antonini (BA '97) Los Angeles, CA
Francisco Aragon (MFA '03) Arlington, VA
William Archibald (BBA '08) Rochester, NY
RikkiLynn (London) Archibeque (BA '10) Phoenix, AZ
Elizabeth Arevalo (BA '14) Washington, DC
Nicole Ashley (BA '11) Chicago, IL
Tyrell Atkins (BS '11)
Amy Attaway (BA '05) Cleveland, OH
Anne Attea (BS, BA '86) Minneapolis, MN
Michael August (BA '96) Los Angeles, CA
Adriana Austgen (BA '13) Seattle, WA
Margaret Auth (BA '79) South Bend, IN
Daniel Azic (BA '13) New York, NY
Michael Bacula (BA '87) Chicago, IL
Sarah Baechle (Ph.D. '15) Department of English, South Bend, IN
Madeline Baker (BA '12) Chicago, IL
Joan Martel Ball (BA '78) The Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program, Notre Dame, IN
Vilma "Nina" Balmaceda (MA '96, MA '97, PhD. '09) Nyack, NY
Melissa Barber (BA '08, MA '10) Indianapolis, IN
Ashleigh Barber Tevelin (BA '06) San Francisco, CA
Charles Barbour, OIT, South Bend, IN
Anna Barcus (BBA '08)
Haley Barnes (BA '14) Chicago
Michael Barnes (BS '04) Seattle, WA
Denise Baron (BA '10) London, United Kingdom
Jessica Baron (PhD '14) Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values, South Bend, IN
Svea Barrett, Haskell, NJ
Kyle Barrettsmith (BBA '09) Chicago, IL
Tanya Barrios (BS '11) New York, NY
Katrina Barron, Department of Mathematics, Notre Dame, IN
Alex Barrosse (BBA '12) New York, NY
Susan Barry (BA '80) Wilmette, IL
Jay Barry (BA '92) San Diego, CA
Ken Bartizal (BS '74, MS '74, PhD '81) San Diego, CA
Dennis Basila (Ba, MD '99) Latham, NY
Maureen Baska (BA '04) Staff, Granger, IN
Jacob Baska (BA '04) Granger, IN
Bill Bass (BA '13) Bloomington, IN
Joanna Batt (BS '08) Buffalo, NY
Tasnim Battles (BA '98) New York, NY
Amelia Bauer (BS '14) Chicago, IL
Kimberly Bauer (BA '16) Chicago, IL
Evelyn Bauman (BA '16) Port au Prince, Haiti
Mark Bauman (BA '78) Bloomington, IN
Mary Clare Bauman (BA '86) Bloomington, IN
Lynne Bauman (BA '15) Bloomington, IN
Annmarie (Mueller) Baumgartner (BA '92) Lima, OH
Laura Bayard Library Faculty, South Bend, IN
Patrick Bayliss (BS '04) Portland, OR
Patrick Bears (BA '10) Oakland, CA
Christine Becker, Department of Film, Television, and Theatre, South Bend, IN
Andrew Becker (BS '14) Chicago, IL
Amy Beckera (BS '07) Sacramento, CA
Ericka Beckman (BS '95) University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
C. Spencer Beggs (BA '04) Brooklyn, NY
Joe Behles (BArch '81) Evanston, IL
Cassandra Belek (BA '08) Chicago, IL
Peter Bell (BS '02) Pittsburgh, PA
Serina Bellamy (BA '11) Brooklyn, New York
Jude Benavides (BS '92) Brownsville, TX
Reilly Bench (BA '16) Seattle, WA
Bill Benear (BBA '05) Chicago, IL
Eric Bens (BS '13) South Bend, IN
Morgan Benson (BA '14) Washington, DC
Juwan Bepo (BA '16) Komga, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Michelle Berberet (BS '76) Alexandria, VA
Jack Bergen (BA '77) Boston, MA
Janet Bergeron (BS '81) Minnesota
Michael Bergmann, Pastoral Council Chair of St Andre Bessete Catholic Parish, Portland, OR
Jane Beriont (BS '14) Philadelphia, PA
Allison Bernard (BBA '06) Chicago, IL
Jordan Berry (BA '13) Chicago, IL
Scott Berry (BA '06) Cincinnati, OH
Steve Berry (BA '69) Oxford, OH
Joseph Bertsche Evanston, IL
Joanne Bertsche (MOM '2016) Evanston,IL
Tom Bertsche (BA '83) Evanston, Illinois
Larry Beyersdorf, San Diego, CA
Brian Beyersdorf (BA '09) Walnut Creek, CA
Shelly Birch (BA, MD '12)
Holly Bird (BA '11) Cincinnati, OH
Rachael Biscocho (BA '16) New York, NY
Kourtney Bitterly (BA '06) Brooklyn, NY
Mette Evelyn Bjerre, South Bend, IN
Garrett Blad (BA '15) New York, NY
Margaret Blakey Clarke (BA '96) New York, NY
Ann Blatt, Los Angeles, CA
Meghan Bliss (BA '10) Saint Louis, MO
Molly (Kealy) Blonn (BA '07) Houston, TX
Susan D Blum, Anthropology Notre Dame, IN
Marielle Blumenthaler (BS '15) Columbus, OH
Joshua Boggs (MSM '16) South Bend, IN
Susan Bohdan Walton (BS '93) Peachtree City, GA
Catherine Bolten, Kroc Institute and Department of Anthropology, South Bend, IN
Marielle Boneau (BA '96) Cedar City, UT
Matthew Borkowski (BS, BA '91) Pittsburgh, PA
Jill Bouchard (PhD '15) Memphis, TN
Lisa Bourdon-Krause (BBA '92) Michigan
Greg Bourke (MA '82) Louisville, KY
Hannah Bowen (BA '15) Los Angeles, CA
Warren Bowles (BA '70) Minneapolis, MN
Betsy Bowman (BA '99) Boston MA
Avis Boyd (BS '82) Los Angeles, CA
Rhea Boyd (BA '06) San Francisco, CA
Mary Boyer (BA '07) Washington, DC
Colleen Boyle (BA '14) Arlington, VA
Tim Bradley (BS '03) Birmingham, MI
Claire Brady (BS '15) Chicago, IL
Catherine Braunlich (BA '14) Ann Arbor, MI
Laurenteen Brazil (BA '89) Pinole, CA
Kathleen Brennan (BA '15) Cleveland, OH
Emily Brenzel (BA '14) Lexington, KY
James Breslin (BA '03) Louisville, KY
Craig Brewer (PhD '11) Crown Point, IN
Miranda Brickner (BA '15) Chicago, IL
Jessica Brock (BA '05, JD '10, LLM '11) South Bend, IN
James Brogan (AB '70) Los Angeles, CA
Erin Brooks (BA '05) Chicago, IL
Tim Brown (BBA '92) Irving, TX
Elise Brown (BA '04) Naperville, IL
Michael Brown (BA '16) Los Angeles, CA
Melissa Brown (BS '05)
Matthew Brown (PhD '10) Denton, TX
Shannon Brown (BA '00) Albany NY
Patrick Brown (BA '09) Cambridge, MA
Rod Brown (BA '84) Indianapolis, IN
Meghan Brown Lowe (JD '07) Former Lyons Hall Rector, Montreal, Canada
Myriah Brown-Rivera (BA '99) Chicago, IL
Brigid Browne (BA '98) Chicago, IL
Cassie Brownell (M.Ed. '10) Lansin, Michigan
Spencer Bruce (BS '13) Bozeman, MT
Jessica Bruemmer (BA '07) Cerritos, CA
Stephanie Bruns (BA '14) South Bend, IN
Celine Bucci (BBA '92) Flossmoor, IL
Jessica Buchanan (BA '98) Washington, DC
Jarrod Buchanon (BA '14) Pittsburgh, PA
Ned Buchbinder (BA '68) West Bend, WI
Paul Buchbinder (BA '70) Oak Park, IL
Christiane Buessard, Notre Dame, IN
Julia Buff (BBA '15) New York, NY
Trini Bui (BA '16) Fort Worth, TX
Matthew Bunda (BA '03) New York, NY
Emily Burgardt (BBA '08) Chicago, IL
Erin Burke (BA '13) Chicago, IL
Jennifer Burns (BBA '05) Arlington, VA
Kathryn Busch (M.Ed '16) Oklahoma City, OK
Kevin Busen (BBA '04) San Francisco, CA
Brendan Bush (JD '11) Milwaukee, WI
Laura Bush (Bresnahan) (BArch '09) Whitefish Bay, WI
Natalie Bustamante (BA '05) Sacramento, CA
Danielle Butler (BS '16)
Rachel Byrne (BS '06, MEd '08) Sharon, MA
Elizabeth Byrum (BBA '8) Chicago, IL
Yuri C. (MS) USA
Daniela Cabada
Isaac Cabe (BA '15) Akron, OH
Deandra Cadet (BA '15) South Bend, IN
Greg Cafouros (BSCE '72) Indianapolis IN
Katie Cafouros (BS '02) San Diego, CA
Patrick Callaghan (BBA '14) Dallas, TX
Mary Callaghan (BA '92) Chicago, IL
Kevin Callaghan (BBA '15) Chicago, IL
Elizabeth Callahan (BS '06, JD '09) Albany, NY
Kathleen Callahan, Watervliet, NY
John Cameron (BBA '13) New York, NY
Jeana Caminiti (BBA '11) Chicago IL
Katelyn Campbell (BS '14, MSGH '15) Indianapolis, IN
Emily (Hansen) Campbell (BA '96) Beaverton, OR
Angela Campbell (BA '01) Philadelphia, PA
Mariana Candido, Department of History, South Bend, IN
Michelle Cano Marlowe (BA '92) Manchester, TN
Alexander Cao (BS) Notre Dame, IN
Grace Carini (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Lisa Carlson (BA '14) New York
Anna Carmack (BS '14) Portland, ME
Sandra Carr (BArch '05) Chicago, IL
Stephen Carroll (BS '04) Atlanta GA
Steve Cartwright (BA '07) Washington, DC
Mairead Case (BA '06) Denver, CO
Carmen Casillas (BA '15) Columbus, OH
Thomas Cassidy (BA '76) Loudonville, NY
Patrick Cassidy (BA '96) Philadelphia, PA
Liliana Castaneda Rossmann (MA '90) San Jose, CA
Andrea Castonguay (MA '16) Morocco
Kerry Castorano (BA '5) Groton, MA
Laura Castrillo (MBA '04) London, United Kingdom
Michael Caulfield (BS '73, PhD '78) Fort Washington, PA
Maureen Caulfield (BS '78) Fort Washington, PA
Andy Cavallari (BBA '92) Gainesville, FL
Andi Cescolini (BS '14) San Diego, CA
Angie Chang (BS '13) Scranton, PA
Molly Chang (BA '15) Fort Worth, TX
Tiffany Chao, Palo Alto, CA
Lance Chapman (MD, MBA '07) Los Angeles, CA
Clare Charbonnet (BS '07) Chicago, IL
Namita Chatterjee (MS '09) Portland, OR
Columbine Che (BS '13) Kansas City, MO
Mila Cheatom (BA '04) San Antonio, TX
Levi Checketts (BA '10) Berkeley, CA
Marie Chen (BS '14) Hattiesburg, MS
Tracey Cheun (BA '16) Los Angeles, CA
Grace Chiarella (BA '14) Santa Clara, CA
Lou Chiarella (BS '85) Greenwood, VA
Hannah Chiarella (BFA '16) Bloomington, IN
Ellen Childs (PhD '14) Somerville, MA
Christopher ChoGlueck (BS '14) South Bend, IN
Taeyin ChoGlueck (BA '14)
Eileen Chong (BA '13) Chicago, IL
Ana Christian (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Eric Christiansen (BA '92) Valencia, Spain
Matt Christoff (BBA '04) Denver, CO
Cara Chuderewicz (BS '92) Boston, MA
Priscilla Ciaccio (BS '03) Princeton Nj
Luke Cieslewicz (BA '08) Washington, DC
Leanor Cimino Alt (BA '03) Washington, DC
Joseph Clair (BSME '88) Chicago, IL
Anne Clark (BS '83) Chester, NJ
Patricia M. Clay (BA '81) Silver Spring, MD
Erin Cleary (BS '09) Cincinnati, OH
Susan Lacewell Clements (MFA '89) Louisville, KY
Catherine Clepper (BA '05)
Amy Clinton Collins (MSBA '17) Chicago, IL
Sara Cloon (BA '14, JD '17) Notre Dame, IN
Christine Closz (BA '03) Denver, CO
Terri Clune (BA '75) Chicago, IL
Alex Coccia (BA '14) Oxford, UK
Peter Coccia (BA '72) Columbus, OH
Lynn Cockerill, Austin, TX
Heather Cocks (BA '99) Los Angeles, CA
Hayley Coffing (BS '12) Chicago, IL
Kathryn Coker (BA '02) Santa Monica, CA
Liz Colleran, Notre Dame Athletics, South Bend, IN
Daniel Collins (BA '10, JD '13) Huntington Beach, CA
Coleman Collins (BA '11) Chicago, IL
Alison Collins (BA '14) Los Angeles, CA
Maureen Collins, Graduate School, Notre Dame, IN
Brendon Collins (BA '06) Indianapolis, IN
Philippe Collon, Physics Department, South Bend, IN
Michael Comiskey (BA '70) River Forest, IL
John Comiskey (BA '75, MSEE '79) San Jose, CA
Alicia Conley (BA '09) Washington, DC
Kaitlynn Conley (BS '14) Jersey City, NJ
Thomas Conner (BA '04) Monona, WI
Kristin Conners (MD '01) Columbus, OH
Terriss Conterato (BA '05) Madison, WI
Priya Cook (BS '04)
Aaron Cook (BArch '02) Oakland, CA
Meghan Corbett (BFA '12) Austin, TX
Michael Corbett, Spring, TX
Laura Cordell (BA '98) Visiting Faculty, Columbus OH
Taylor Corpuz (BS '16) Fairfax, VA
John Corr (BA '14) Portland, OR
Kelsie Corriston (BA '14, M.Ed '16) Los Angeles, CA
Colleen Corriston, Norwood, NJ
Dominic Corsaro (BA '13) San Francisco, CA
Helen Costa (BBA '12) Seattle, WA
James Costigan (BA '92) Media, PA
Claire Cotter (BA '11) Chicago, IL
Nena Couch, Columbus, OH
Mia Counts (BA '14) Boston, MA
Tom Coyne (BA '97, MFA '99) Devon, PA
Patricia Craig (BArch '82) Chicago, IL
Gena Crane (BS '97) Oak Park, IL
Pamela Crane-Hoover (PhD '08) Arroyo Grande, CA
Kate Crawford (MBA '05) Riverside, IL
Rachael Creager (BS '14) Philadelphia, PA
Cristina Crespo (BS '09) Dallas, Texas
Maureen Crisick, Walnut Creek, CA
Ann Croft (BS '83) Columbus, OH
Kelly Cronin (BA '15) Chicago, IL
Kaitlyn Cronin (BA '91) Franklin, MA
Noelle Crooks (BA '09) Plantation, FL
Sara Crosby, Columbus, OH
Ashleigh Cross St. Peters (BA '09) Chicago, IL
Shannon Crotty (BA '12) Brooklyn, NY
Anne Marie Crowell (BS '14) Chicago, IL
Daniel Crowley (BS, BA '04) Nashville, TN
Karla Cruise, South Bend, IN
Natalia Cuevas (BA '14) New York, NY
Tim Culbertson (BS '05) Reedsville, PA
Michael Culhane (BA '77) Evanston , IL
Margaret Culhane (BA '77) Evanston, IL
Sarah Mary Cunningham (BS '04) New York City, NY
Kathleen Curley (BA '09, MBA '15) New York, NY
Amy Curtis (BA '09) Chicago, IL
Paul Czarnecki (BBA '89) Lexington, KY
Daniel D'Agrosa (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Liam Dacey (BA '04) New York, NY
Chris Daly (BA '95) Chicago, IL
Ryan Dang (BS '99) San Francisco, CA
Emily Dargen (BA '16) Los Angeles, CA
Edward Darr (BS '80) Seattle, WA
Marin Darsie (BA '07) Madison, WI
Ellen Dauber (BA '82) Belleville, IL
Theresa Davey (BA '06) New York, NY
Andrea Davey, Queens, NY
Lilian Davis (BA '07) St. Louis, MO
Thomas Davis (PhD '08) Columbus, OH
Rebecca Davis (PhD '06) Irvine, CA
Rachel Davis (BS '10) Denver, CO
Greg Davis (BS '11) Denver, CO
Katie Day (BA '09) Boston, MA
Joey De la Rosa (BA '07) Los Angeles, CA
Denise De la Rosa (BA '04) Austin, TX
Nicky Deak, New York, NY
Jarett DeAngelis (MS '08) Washington, DC
Christine Debevec (BA '98) Philadelphia, PA
Matthew DeCarolis (BA '99) Los Angeles, CA
Elisa DeCastro (BBA '12) Charlotte, NC
Elizabeth Decker (BA '04) Cranford, NJ
Shauna Dee (BA '06) Minneapolis, MN
Richard Deely (BA '94) Claremont, CA
Sam Deery-Schmitt (BS '14) Los Angeles, CA
Antonio Delgado, Physics Department
Tom Demetrio (BA '11) Chicago
Amad Demetrious (BArch '00) Larkspur, CA
Katie DeMott (BBA '10) Stanford, CA
Alyssa DeNardi (BA '01) Lavallette, NJ
Louis Denkovic (BA '83) New York, NY
Molly Denver (BArch '95) New York, NY
David Derr (MBA '11) New York, NY
Edianys Deynes Vélez (BS '08) Austin, TX
Carolina Diaz (BBA '15) Miami Beach, FL
David Diaz (BBA '14) Chicago, IL
Jose Diaz de Leon (MBA '16) San Francisco, CA
Katie Dickerson (BS '14) Madison, WI
Meig Dickson (BS '15) Chicago, IL
Thomas Digan (AB '77) Chicago, IL
Paul DiGiovanni (BS '14) Chicago, IL
Caroline Dikibo (BS '13) Houston, TX
Christina DiLaura (BA '01) New York, NY
Morgan Dill (BS '07) Berkeley, CA
Betsy Dilla (BA '10) Arlington, VA
Joseph DiMario (BBA '92) Boca Raton, FL
Bryan Dimas (BSEE, BA '2014) Los Angeles, CA
Jules Dingle (BArch '95) Philadelphia, PA
Melissa Dinsman (PhD '13) New York City, NY
Marissa Dionne-Mead (BArch '05) New Haven, CT
Melia DiRusso (BA '95) Kings Park, NY
Nicole Guenther Discenza (MMS '93, PhD '96) Tampa, FL
Theresa Diserio (BA '82) Powell, OH
Tara Dix Osborne (BA '98) St. Charles, IL
Shawn Do (MBA '12) Los Angeles, CA
Sy Doan (BA '11) Nashville, TN
Joel Dodson (PhD '11) New Haven, CT
E. Jane Doering (MA '78) South Bend IN
Matthew Doherty (BS '06) Ann Arbor, MI
Erin Dolan (BS '10) Chicago, IL
Moira Donahoe Schrader (BA '97, MA '98) Nova Scotia, Canada
Phil Donahue (BA '57) New York, NY
Shloe Donoghue (BS '96) Hugo, MN
Kelly Donovan (BBA '04) Geneva, IL
Brian Donovan (JD '81) Denver, CO
Margaret Doody, Mishawaka, IN
Danielle Dorrego (BA '14) New York, NY
Shelese Douglas (BA '92) Stockton, CA
Emily Dowling (BBA '16)
Joey Doyle (BA '15) New York, NY
Caitlin Doyle (BBA '15) New York, NY
Alexa Doyle (BBA '11) Los Angeles, CA
Marc Drake (BA '15) Milwaukee, WI
Victoria Drazdik (BArch '17) South Bend, IN
Kevin Dreyer, Assoc. Professor, Film, Television, and Theatre, Notre Dame, IN
Allan Dreyer (BArch '81) Cleveland, OH
Barbara Drossel McKnight (BA, Saint Mary's College '77) Imperial Beach, CA
F. Robert Drum (BS '70) New Buffalo, MI
Kristina Drzaic (BA '05) Seattle, WA
Maya (Noronha) Duff (BA '05, MEd '07) Austin, TX
John Duffy, Department of English
Justine Duffy (BS '10) Delanco, NJ
Ryan Duncan (BA '96) Chicago, IL
Colin Dunn (BA '08) Los Angeles
Katie Dunn (BA '09) Denver, CO
Catherine Dunne (BA '08) Denver, CO
Kanika Durland (MA '12) Buffalo, NY
Amitava Dutt, Political Science, Notre Dame, IN
Matt Dwyer (BA '11) Nashville, TN
Frank Dyer (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Robert Early, Nashville, TN
Lisa Eaton (BA '92) Seattle, WA
Amy Eckert (BA '92) Denver, CO
Nora Eder (BA '16) Madison, WI
Heather Edwards (PhD '10) Athens, OH
Stephen Effler (BA '70) Rye Brook, NY
James Egan (BA '72) Evanston, IL
Kyle Hagelskamp Egloff (BBA '10) Milwaukee, WI
Mary (Sy) Ehlenbach (BA '98) Madison, WI
Iheanyi Ekechukwu (BS, BA '14) New York, NY
Nneka Ekechukwu (BBA '12) Atlanta, GA
Oby Ekwueme (BA '16) Chicago, IL
Angela (Fister) Elser (BS '98) Lexington, KY
Laura Emerick (BA '07) Australia
Casey Empey (BS '99) Washington, DC
Scott Enerson (BBA '03) Stockholm, Sweden
Bailey Ertel (BA '04) Austin, TX
Eugenio Escamilla (MBA '03) Monterrey, Mexico
Zuri Eshun (BA '14) Los Angeles, CA
Tomas Estrada (PhD '09) Elizabethtown, PA
Jennifer Evans-Muir (BA '92) Takoma Park, Maryland
Duggan Everage (BBA, BS '13) Chicago, IL
Molly Eyerman (BBA '07, MSA '08) Columbus, OH
Frank Fahey (AB, MBA '72,'76) Elmhurst, IL
Maria Fahs (BA '14, MA '16) Denver, CO
Marikko Fanning (BA '08) Seattle, WA
Robyn Fardy (BA '04) Oak Park, IL
Shannon (Hogan) Farrell (BA '96, ACE '98) The Hague, Netherlands
Mark Farrell (BA '96, JD '02) The Hague, Netherlands
Jane Farrell (JD '80) Hot Springs, SD
Rebecca Farrell, Glen Ellyn, IL
Firas Fasheh (B.Eng, MBA '14) New York, NY
Monica Fatum Edison (BA '86) Grand Rapids, MI
Jacqueline Fay (PhD '02) Arlington TX
Justin Feeney (BS '04) Killeen, TX
Katie Feeney (BA '13) Chicago, IL
Victor Fehrenbach (BA '91) Washington, DC
Maria Fernandez (BA '13) San Juan, PR
Verónica Rosas Fernandez (BS '98) Austin, TX
Laura Fernandez (BA '13, MA '15) Columbus, OH
Marcelo Fernandez (MBA '11) Monterrey, Mexico
A. Nilesh Fernando, Department of Economics, South Bend , IN
Clare Ferris Garvey (BS '07) Newark, CA
Elizabeth Fiedler (MA '08) CHICAGO
Kathleen FIeweger (BA '86) Chicago IL
Thomas Fischer (BA '72) New Orleans, LA
Michael Fischer (BS '14, MSM '15) Newark, NJ
Mark Fitzgerald (BS, MBA '96, '08) Denver, CO
John Fitzgerald (BA '65) Campus Ministry, San Francisco, CA
Jess Fitzgibbon (BS '02) Houston, TX
Patrick Fitzsimmons, Bentonville, AR
Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft (BA '08) St. Louis, MO
Mel Flanagan (BA '13) San Francisco, CA
Lauren Flanagan (BA '03) Livonia, MI
Ryan Flanagan, Urbana, IL
John Flanagan (BS '93) New York, NY
Erin Flattery (BS '13) Houston, TX
April Flores (BA '05) Los Angeles, CA
Amy Flynn (BA '06) Cincinnati, OH
A. Emma Flynn (JD '12) Chattanooga, TN
Sharie Fogarty (MA '98) Cedar Grove, NJ
Patricia Foglesog (BS '97) Marietta, GA
Thomas Foley (BA '09) Washington, DC
Brian Foley (BBA '96) New York, NY
Adam Fonseca (BS '10) New Orleans, LA
Leonard Forys (BS '63) Holmdel, NJ
Channing Foster (BA '16) Washington, DC
Teresa Foster (BA '92) Woodstock, NY
Maria Fotsch (BA '14) New York, NY
Stephany Fournier (BS '15) Gainesville, FL
Jennifer Fox, First Year of Studies, Granger, IN
Ted Fox (BA '02) Office of the Provost, Granger, IN
Judith Fox (JD '93) Law School, Notre Dame, IN
Laura Fox (BA '08) New York, NY
Hilary Fox (PhD '11) Detroit, MI
Laura Fraczek (BS '05) Chicago, IL
Jun Frank (MBA '12) San Francisco, CA
Allison Franklin (BA '13) Alexandria, VA
Anna Elizabeth Fraser (BA '14) St. Paul, MN
Lauren Freda (BS '04) staff South Bend, IN
Kate Freeman (BS '97) Oakland, CA
Alex French (BA '07) New York City
Adriana Frias (BA '00) San Antonio, TX
Marixa Frias (BA '98) Denver, CO
Jessica Fries-Gaither (BS, BA '99, Med '01) Columbus, OH
Steven Froelich (BS, BA '15) Charleston, SC
Kristen Froncek (BS '11) Madison, WI
Justin Frye (BArch '00) Louisville, KY
Kelly Fuddy (BA '04) Elizabethtown, PA
Erika Fuehrmeyer Myette (BA '99) New Lenox, IL
Carrie Fuller (BA '97) Los Angeles, CA
Sarah Furman (BA '11) Fairbanks, AK
Genette Gaffney (BA '13) Alexandria, VA
Mark Gage (BArch '97) New York, NY
Sean Gallagher (BBA '98) Reston, VA
Megan Gallagher, Philadelphia, PA
Sarah Gallo (JD '15) Chicago, IL
John Gallo (BA '83) Chicago, IL
Peter Gandolfo (BA '96) Los Angeles, CA
Sasha Ganji (JD '12) Sacramento, CA
Colleen Gannon (BA '04, M.Ed. '06) Washington, DC
Rebecca Gannon (BA '09) Brooklyn, NY
Alejandro Garcia (BA '05) San Diego, CA
Mónica García Blizzard (BA '09, MA '10) Columbus, OH
Michael Garofola (BA '02) New York, NY
Nicole Garton (BA '07) Los Angeles, CA
Hector Garza (MA '08) San Antonio, TX
Petra Garza (BArch '97) Brooklyn, NY
Marissa Gaskill (BS '13) Madison, WI
Shanna Gast (BA '11) Chicago, IL
Juan Gastelum (BA '07) Los Angeles, CA
Brenna Gautam (BA '15) Washington, DC
Elisabeth Gavin (BA '01) Estero, FL
Lauren Gebauer (BA '06) Oakland, CA
Adrianna Genera-Wurst (BA '98) San Diego, CA
Jeanine Genkinger (BS '96) New York, NY
Nicholas S. Geraci (PhD '15) Charlottesville, VA
Erin Geraghty (BA '16) Chicago, IL
Ryan Geraghty (BFA '12) Dallas, TX
Peter Geraghty (BA '96) Boston, MA
Adrian Gerbaud (BS '16, '17)
Rebecca Gerben Mehta (BA '97) Seattle, WA
Cassidy Gerber (BA '10) Jersey City, NJ
Thomas Gerkin (BA '10) Pittsburgh, PA
Clare Gibbons (BA '13) Tulsa, OK
Thomas Gibbons (BS '92) Chicago, IL
Timothy Gibeau (BBA '05) Boston, MA
Dale Gibson (MA '68) South Bend, IN
Danielle Gies (BA '14) Los Angeles, CA
Brian Gilfillan (BS '96) Ripon, WI
Katherine Gillard, Portland OR
Laura Gilligan (BS '95) Chicago, IL
Kara Gillis, San Francisco, CA
Stephanie Gilmartin (BA '98) Pelham, NY
Christina Ginardi (BA '08) Chicago, IL
Christine Ginsburg (BBA '86) Philadelphia, PA
Coley Girouard (BBA '13) Washington, DC
Caitlin Girouard (BS '11) Washington, DC
Michael Girts (MBA '07) Chicago, IL
Kristine Glass, MD (BA '00) El Paso, TX
Ernesto Gloria (BS '01)
Carrie Glynn (BA '98) Little Silver, NJ
Jill Godmilow, Film, Television and Theatre, New York, NY
Chris Goettl (BS, MBA '06) Chicago, IL
Tom Gogan (BA '68) Brooklyn, NY
Alden Golab (BA '10) Chicago, IL
Jackie Gonzales (BA '10) Seattle, WA
Daniel Gonzalez ('91)
José Alfredo Gonzalez (History '08) Norwalk, CA
Monica Gonzalez (Business Administration '01) Womens soccer, Mexico
Hanna Gonzalez (O'Brien) (BS '12) Chicago, IL
Christopher Goodwin (BA '94) Kalamazoo, MI
Daniel Goodwin (BA '01) Danville, KY
Ann Goodwin (BA '98) Danville, KY
Kathleen Gordon (BA '94) Schererville, IN
Michaela Gorman (BA '09) Stamford, CT
Barbara Gorman (BA '92) Philadelphia, PA
Jessica Goston (BA '15) Washington, DC
Rana Goussous (BArch '96) London, United Kingdom
Emma Govea (BA '04, MSA '05) Austin, TX
Andrew Graceffa (BArch '01) Fairfield, CT
Suzanne Graceffa (BArch '01) Fairfield, CT
Dan Graff, Director, Higgins Labor Program & Professor of the Practice, Dept. of History, South Bend, IN
Paul Graham (BS '03) Cincinnati, OH
Evan Graham (BA '15) Chicago, IL
Thomas Grant (BA '09, JD '13) San Diego, CA
Ian Grant (BS '06) Chicago, IL
Alesa Grant, Knoxville, TN
Karen Graubar, History Faculty, South Bend, IN
Tracy Graves, Tampa, FL
Kirsten Greco (BBA '92) Lafayette, CO
Carolyn Green (BFA '14) Chicago, IL
Rick Green (BS '85) Ridgefield, WA
Leslie Green Guilbault (BA '90) Hamilton, NY
Stuart Greene, Africana Studies, Notre Dame, IN
CD Greene (BA '96) East Amherst, NY
Megan Greene (BFA '98) Oak Park, IL
Tim Greene (BA '01) Brooklyn, NY
Lesley Gregoricka (BA '05) Mobile, AL
Ellison Griep (BS '13) Berlin, Germany
Michelle Griffin (BA '93) Lynn, MA
Melinda Grimsley-Smith (PhD '12) Bowling Green, KY
John Grothaus (BA '08) Chicago, IL
Shelby Grubbs (BA '14) Indianapolis, IN
Brian Grundy (BS '05) West Bloomfield, MI
Marina Guerra (BA '94) Pico Rivera, CA
Veronica Guerrero (BA '15) Washington, DC
James Guilfoyle (BA '70) Elkhorn, WI
Tess Gunty (BA '15) Brooklyn, NY
Nicholas Gunty (BFA '12) South Bend, IN
Ben Gunty (BA '08) Chicago, IL
Katherine Guo (BS '16) Los Angeles, CA
Patrick Gusman (BBA '84) Washington, DC
Raul Gutierrez (BS '00) New Orleans, LA
Andrea Gutierrez (BA '94) New York, NY
Brian Guze (BArch '96) New York, NY
Maria Guzman (BA '13) Atlanta, GA
Susanne Hafner, Former Mellon Fellow, Medieval Institute, New York, NY
Emily Hage (Ba '95) Philadelphia, PA
Austin Hagwood (BA '15) Cambridge, United Kingdom
Will Haley (BA '10) Chicago, IL
John Haley (BA '18) London, U.K.
Casey Hall (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Matt Hall (BA '92) Mountain View, CA
Juliana Halloran (BA '10) San Francisco, CA
Marc Hamel (BS '74) Petersham, MA
Ann Hamilton (MA '71) Eugene, OR
Matt Hammond (BA '10) Overland Park, KS
Katie Hammond (BA, JD '06, '12) Mishawaka, IN
Sharon Handoyo Giljum (BS '02) Chicago, IL
Amber Handy (PhD '12) Columbus, MS
Tamarin Hannon (BA '92) Washington, DC
Naomi Hansen (BA '07) New York, NY
Jim Hansen (MA, PhD '02) Champaign, IL
Anne Hansen, Camarillo, CA
Dillon Hanson (BS '14) Fairfield, IA
Emily Hanson (BA '07) Lisle, IL
Maria Harding, MEd, Staff, Research/Keough School of Global Affairs, South Bend, IN
Alexander Harper (BA '08) Princeton, NJ
Susan Harris, Associate Professor, Department of English, Chicago, IL
Taylor Harrison (BA '03) Bethesda, MD
Brian Hartman (BA '03, M.Ed '05) Brooklyn, NY
John Hartman, Staff, South Bend, IN
Meghan Hartmann (BA '09) Los Angeles CA
Lauren Haruno (BA '15) Portland, OR
Lee Haruno (BS '13) Houston, TX
Michael Hathaway (BS '12) Columbus, OH
Julie Haurykiewicz (BA '92) Appleton, WI
Courtney Haven (BS '09) Pittsburgh, PA
Sue Haverkamp (BA '86) Evanston, IL
Beth Haverkamp Powers (BA '88) Amherst, NH
Megan Hawley Steinfeld (BA '07) Wauwatosa, WI
Audrey Hayes (BA '13) NY, NY
Margaret Hayes (JD '15) Chicago, IL
Anne Hayner, Associate Director for Alumni Relations, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Mary Claire Healy (BS '16) Wichita, KS
Abigail Hebert (BA '15) Surprise, AZ
Jeremy Heckman (BA '97) Chicago, IL
Leslie Heidenreich Krohn (BA '86) Naperville, IL
Genevieve Heidkamp (BS '16) San Jose, CA
Bob Heineman (BA '68) Skokie, IL
Kara Helmig (BA '04) Grand Forks, ND
Glenn Hendler, Former English Professor, Former Director of Gender Studies Program, New York, NY
Kevin Hendzel (BS '15) Chicago, IL
Cassandra Henry (BA '08) New York, NY
Krystal Hentges (BA '13) Chicago, IL
Molly Herber (BA '13) Lander, WY
Gilda Hernandez (BS '06) Los Angeles, CA
Roberto Hernandez (BBA '07) Dallas, TX
Anthony Hesketh (BS '05) Kings Park, NY
Julie Heslin Pokat (BA '86) Albany, NY
Joseph Hettler (BA '05, M.Ed '07) St Petersburg, FL
John Hibey (MA '05) Los Angeles, CA
Kate Hickey (JD '11) Holualoa, HI
Tara Hickey (BA '06) Washington, DC
Daniel Hidalgo ('16)
Stacey Higgins, Queens, NY
Eddie Hill (BA '74) Dallas TX
Sara Hillstrom (BBA Marketing '14) Chicago, IL
Elizabeth Hinchey Malloy (BS '93) Chicago, IL
Doug Hines (PhD '15) Williamsport, PA
Matt Hing (BA '15) Los Angeles, CA
Gustavo Hinojosa (BArch '82) Dallas, TX
Erin Hinz (MFA '14) USA
Susan Hiser (BA '96) Pittsburgh, PA
Susan Hixon (MA '89) Los Angeles, CA
Colleen Ho (BA '93) Brooklyn, NY
Crystal Ho (BS '12) Houston, TX
Jolynn Hoang (BA '14) Houston, TX
Rachel Hochstetler (BA '08) Menlo Park, CA
David Hochstetler (BS '07) Menlo Park, CA
Theodore Hodges (BA '11) Kansas City, MO
Lala (Hassaram) Hoei (JD '07) Karlslunde, Denmark
Samantha Hoffman (BS '14) Indianapolis, IN
Jennifer Hoffman (BA '07) Raleigh, NC
Kalie Holdren (BA '14) Indianapolis, IN
Andrew Holmes (BS '08) Boston, MA
Vreni Hommes (BA '82) Brooklyn, NY
Jessica Hornick (PhD '09) Skokie, IL
Anne Horst (BS '10) St. Paul, MN
Lindsey Horvath (BA '04) West Hollywood, CA
Meredith Houska (BS '14) Chicago, IL
Marjorie Housley, Department of English South Bend, IN
Kristine Howard (BA '99) Sydney, Australia
Elizabeth Howard (BS '08) Columbus, OH
Yi Huang (BArch '10) New York, NY
Jennifer Huber (BA '08) Columbus, OH
Rogelio Huerta (BA '12) Los Angeles, CA
Margot Hughan (MS '17) South Bend, IN
Athena Hughes (BA '13) Boston, MA
Thomas Hull (MA '72) Chicago, IL
Erin Hung (BBA '07) Hong Kong SAR
Brittany Hunt (JD '12) Oklahoma City, OK
Eleanor Huntington (BA '10) Los Angeles, CA
Keurim Hur, New York, NY
Denis Hurley (BA '99) Brooklyn, NY
Maureen Hurley (JD '81) Buffalo,NY
Charlice Hurst, Management & Organization, Notre Dame, IN
Mary Husemann (BA '97) Asheville, NC
Gabriel Huynh (MBA '03) Houston, TX
Ronald Hyde (BA '82) Scottsdale, AZ
Jeffrey Ihlendorf (BS '99) Indianapolis,IN
Jasna Ikanovic, Charlotte, NC
Monica Imbriaco (BA '88) Anthem, AZ
Beth Imbriaco Hjelm (BA '80) Eugene, OR
Kathleen Imbriano (BA '07) Sparta, NJ
Sally Ironside, Albuquerque, NM
Stephanie Iverson (BA '88) Lenox, MA
Katie Jackson (BS '16) New York, NY
John Jacobs (BS '16) South Bend, IN
Christine Jacobs (BA '01) Grosse Pointe, MI
Karen Jacobs Scheel (BA '95) Minnesota
Tesia Janicki (BS '16) Madison, WI
Charles Janini (BS '12) Pittsburgh, PA
Madeline Jarrett (BA '14) Boston, MA
Christina Javier-Torres (BS '08) Chicago, IL
Matthew Jenner (BA '08) Washington, DC
Lionel Jensen, East Asian Languages and Cultures, South Bend, IN
Zo Jimenez (BA '14) San Francisco, CA
Andres Jimenez, San Pedro, CA
Travis Johansen (BBA '97) Chicago, IL
Jasmine Johnson (BA '13) ND Football, Notre Dame, IN
Ann Johnson (BS '01) South Bend, IN
Grace Johnson (BA '12) New York, NY
Kia Johnson (BA '10) Dallas, TX
Tom Johnson (BBA '06) Miami, FL
Amanda Johnson (BA '11) Omaha, NE
Kaitlyn Johnson (BA '09) San Francisco, CA
Doug Joned (BA '00) Athens, OH
Ray'Von Jones (BA '16) Palo Alto, CA
Tiana Jones (BA '01) New York, NY
Jennifer Jones, Sociology and Institute for Latino Studies, Chicago, IL
Jill Jones (BA '92) Columbus, OH
Jarron Jones (BA '16) Rochester, , NY
Francesca Jones (BS '97) Dallas, TX
Amber Jones (MNA '15) Grand Rapids, MI
Jennifer Jones DeAlmeida (BA '04) Newtown, CT
Charles Jordan (MA '79) Chicago, IL
Melissa Jordan Angell (BA '13) New York, NY
Naima Joseph (BA '05) Boston, MA
Amanda Joseph (MFA '13) Columbus, OH
Christine Joseph (BS '16) Cambridge, MA
Nancy Joyce (BA '14) Washington, DC
Brian Joyce (BS '13)
Michael Joyce (BA '83) Quincy, MA
Jonathan Juilfs (MA, PhD '11) Hamilton, ON, Canada
Jaehyun Jung (BA '14) New York, NY
Frank Jur, Milpitas, CA
Molly Justice (BA '05) Knoxville, TN
Michael Kackman, Film, Television, & Theatre, South Bend, IN
Melissa Kaduck (BS '11) New York, NY
William Kalman (BA '03) Las Vegas, NV
Jennifer Kang (BS '09) New York, NY
Lily Kang (BBA '16) Minneapolis, MN
Elizabeth Karle (BBA '85) South Bend, IN
Michelle Karnes, Department of English, South Bend, IN
Rendy Kartika (PhD '09) Baton Rouge, LA
Kimberly Kayatta (JD '11) San Antonio, TX
Traci Kazmerski (MD MS '06) Boston MA
Mary Celeste Kearney, Director of Gender Studies; Associate Professor, FTT
Kate Keating Boessen (BA '98) Sherman, TX
Sinead Keegan (BA '99) New York, NY
Thomas Kellenberg (BA '80) Washington, DC
Colleen Clarke Keller (BA '02) Annapolis, MD
Elizabeth Kellogg (BA '14) Providence, RI
Katelynn Kelly (BS '13) Pittsburgh, PA
Corey Kelly (BS '03, M. Ed '08) Oakland, CA
Maura Kelly (BA '03) Chicago, IL
Ed Kelly (BA, MA '64) UWP, South Bend
Matthew Kelly (BA '92) South Bend, IN
Eileen Kelly (BBA '09) London, United Kingdom
Ellen Kennedy (BA '05) Philadelphia
Mike Kennedy (MA '15) Shanghai, China
Mariel Kennedy (BA '16)
Teresa Kennedy (BA '16) Wilbraham, MA
Mary-Kathryn Kennedy (BA '97) Pasadena, CA
Raymond Kennedy (BS '90) Woodbury, MN
Christine Kennedy (BA '10) Lancaster, OH
Caitlin Kennelly (BA '06) Columbus, OH
Kristen Kenny (BS '03) Long Beach, CA
Christy Kenny (BA '96) Moorestown, NJ
Emalee Kernisan Singer (BS '14) Perrysburg, OH
Jeff Kerscher (M.Ed '10) Seattle, WA
Kelly Kershner (BA '87) Kent, OH
Emma Kessler (BA '12) Bloomington, IN
Judith Killen (BS '92) Brooklyn, NY
Yurianna Kim (BBA '08) Austin, TX
Sarah Kimball (BA '12) Brooklyn, NY
Eric Kimbuende (BA '06) Washington, DC
Jennifer Kincaid (BA '88) Bloomington, IN
Thomas King (MDiv '04) Long Beach, CA
Jim Kinney (BArch '93) Columbus, OH
Carson Kirkpatrick (BS '13) Lubbock, TX
Toni Kirkpatrick (BA '01) Walden, NY
Laura Kiszkiel (BS '04) Springfield, VA
Jens Jakob Kjaer, South Bend, IN
Kristina Kleszyk (BS '99) Chicago, IL
Douglas Klostermann (BArch '93) Arlington, MA
Kelly Knauer (BA '70) Springfield, MO
Dorothy Knight, Stratford,ON, Canada
Steve Knostman (BS '89) Dublin, OH
Lezlie Knox (MMS '93, PhD '99) Wauwatosa, WI
Kimberly Koga (MFA '11) Encinitas, CA
Leeah Kohley (BA '09) Austin, TX
Julia Kohn (BS '13) Chicago, IL
Amy Kolczak (BA '96) Fort Collins, CO
Revathi Kollipara (Chemistry BS '13) Indianapolis, IN
Kristin Kommers Czarnecki (BA '91)
Tim Konicek (BBA '13) Kettering, OH
Nicole Konkey (BA '14) Los Angeles, CA
Caitlin Konwisarz (Regan) (BS '08) Houston, TX
Rosemary Kopec, Career Center, Notre Dame, IN
Elizabeth Kopko (BA '04) New York, NY
Lauren Kopsky (BA '09) USA
Meaghan Kosiba (BArch '95) San Rafael, CA
Glenn Kosse (BA '87) Louisville, KY
Maria Kosse (BA '14) Seatte, WA
Amanda Kotey (BS '15) Chapel Hill, NC
Irina Koukhanova (MFA '96) Cleveland, OH
Janet Kourany, Department of Philosophy, Gender Studies Program, South Bend, IN
Claire Kozlowski (BS '15) San Francisco, CA
Katherine Kralievits (BS '13, MS '14) Boston, MA
Natalie Kratz (BS '09) Conshohocken, PA
Anne-Marie Krishnan (BS, MBA '10) New York, NY
Anne Kroeger (BA '07) Madison, WI
Maureen Kroha (BA '97) Mountain View
Brian Kruger, Gainesville, FL
Madeleine Kuczora (BBA '13) Chicago, IL
Andrew Kulak (BA '10) Blacksburg, VA
Ishira Kumar (BA '07) India
Cathy Kurowski (BS '97) Indianapolis, IN
Sarah Kurtzman (BS '08, MA '09) Baltimore, MD
Karen Kutz (BS '95) New Brighton, MN
Anne Kwiatt (BA '06) Chicago, IL
Stephanie LaBomascus (BA '06) Chicago, IL
A. Elena Lacayo (BA '06) Washington, DC
Natalie Ladine (BS '04) Ventura, CA
Silvy Un Lafayette (BA '02) Saint Paul, MN
Louis LaGrange (BS '92) Berkeley, CA
Katie Lancos (BFA '06) Washington, DC
Zenaida Landeros (MNA '17) Moline, IL
Karen Lange (BArch '00) Portland, OR
Jim Langford, Director Emeritus, ND Press, South Bend, IN
Noelle Langmack (BA '16) San Francisco, CA
Daniel Langner, San Antonio, TX
Jarrett Lantz (B.Arch '10) Los Angeles, CA
Sara Lardinois (BArch '95) Los Angeles, CA
Renée LaReau (BA '96, MDiv '00) South Bend, IN
Michael Larmoyeux (BA '96) Alexandria, VA
Kate Larson (BA '04) Pecatonica IL
Colleen Larson (BArch '08) Los Angeles, CA
Kristen Lasak (BA '13) Queens, NY
Donald LaSalle, First Year of Studies, South Bend, IN
Carolyn Lashuay (BS '95) Bellefontaine, OH
James Latta (BBA '13) Pittsburgh, PA
Patricia Lauducci (BA '05) Worthington, OH
Paul Lauer (BA '81, MA '84) Lüneburg, Germany
Chad Lavimoniere (BA '08) Brooklyn, NY
Claire Lawless (BA '08) New York, NY
Bryan Lawrence (BS '85) St. Louis, MO
Elaine Lawson (BS '91) Eugene, OR
Emily Lawson (BArch '93) San Francisco, CA
Lanny Le (BS '96) Chicago, IL
Kat Leach (BA '13) San Francisco, CA
Steven Leahy (MA '78) Sammamish, WA
Laura LeBrun (BA '16) Chicago, IL
Marisha Lecea (BA '02) VA
Alison Leddy (BS '15) Columbus, OH
Angela Lederach (BA '07) Colombia
Shannon Ledesma (BS '92) Gig Harbor, WA
Ramon Ledesma (MEd '76) Sedro Woolley, WA
Dana Lee (BA) Princeton, NJ
Eunryung Lee (BArch '07) New York, NY
Kathy Lee (BBA '09) Sunnyvale, CA
Kevin Leisinger (BS '02) Cleveland, OH
Jon Leisinger (BBA '05) Evanston, IL
Melinda Leonard (BA '07) Chicago, IL
Kaela Leonard (BS '07) Boston, MA
Anne Leone, Romance languages and literatures
Jacqueline Leskovec (SMC BA '74) Chicago
Rosemary Lesser (BS '76) Alumna Ogden, UT
Stephanie Lester- Simmonds, MD (BD '91) Spotsylvania, VA
Michael Leukam (BA '06) Chicago, IL
Samuel Levee, Redondo Beach, CA
Betsy Leveno (BA '91) Dallas, TX
Elizabeth Leveno Healy (BA '91) Dallas, TX
Shuyang Li (BS '16) San Francisco, CA
Richard Libowitz (BA '70) Lower Merion, PA
Wei Lin (BBA '16) New York, NY
Kathleen Linder, MD (BS '08) Ann Arbor, MI
Rebecca Lindrew (BA '06) St. Mary's College, Alexandria, Virginia
Davide Lionetti (BS '09) Lenexa, KS
Matthew Lisowski (BS '08) Philadelphia, PA
Jeffrey Lisowski (BS '82) Chicago, IL
Lanie List (BA '98) New York, NY
Catherine Locker (BA '97) Atlanta, GA
Leslie Lockett (MMS '00, PhD '04) Institute for Advanced Study, Notre Dame, IN
Jennifer Loconsole (BS '14) Chicago,IL
Brian F Long (BBA '04) Chi IL
Susan Longsworth (JD '02) Ann Arbor, MI
Grace Loppnow (BS '11) De Soto, IL
Lex Lorenzo (BS '15) Tallahassee, FL
Sarah Lovejoy (BA '14) Tacoma, WA
Rena Loverme (BS ''07) San Francisco, CA
John Lowe (BA '07) Los Angeles, CA
Fernando Lozano (BS '14) Riverside, CA
Carol Luber, Durham, NC
Cecilia Lucero (BA '84) First Year of Studies, South Bend, IN
Rebecca Luckett (BA '03) Botswana
Vikki Ludwig (BA '86) Bridgeport, WV
Christopher Lux (MD, PhD '02) Seattle, WA
Mark Lyons (BA '10) Los Angeles, CA
Teresa Maciejczyk Reese (BS '79) Centreville, VA
Kelli MacKay (BA '03) Portland, OR
Dustin Madden (BA '10) Lake Charles, LA
Rebekah Madrid (BA '01, MEd. '03) Tokyo, Japan
Brendan Magee (BA '04) Washington, DC
Amy Magnano (BA '02) Seattle, WA
Elizabeth Maher (BBA '06, MSA ''07) Chicago, IL
Corinne Mahoney (BA '99) Haverhill, MA
Herbert Maisenbacher (BS '99) Virginia Beach, VA
Sandra Malec, Chicago, IL
Megan Malley (BFA '13) San Francisco, CA
James Malloy (BA '90, JD '93) Scranton, PA
Maura Malloy (BA '02) Indianapolis, IN
Kevin Malloy (BA '93) Chicago, IL
Jessica Maloney (BA '98) Austin, TX
Brian Maloy (BS '15 MSA '16) San Francisco, CA
Michelle Mancias (JD '94) Chicago, IL
Margaret Mancoff (BA '90) Chicago, IL
Dana Mandolini (BS '81) Bolingbrook,IL
John Manier (BA '86) Sherman Oaks, CA
Christopher Manley (BA '04) Washington DC
Colleen Mansfield (BBA '14) Peoria, IL
Christine Mansour (BA '91) Dallas, TX
Helene Marcy (BA '92) Storrs, CT
Eduardo Margo (BS '92) Seattle, WA
Melissa Marley Bonnichsen, Director of Social Concerns Seminars, Center for Social Concerns
Keith Marrero (BS '13, 'MS '14) Pittsfield, MA
Joseph Marshall (BArch '05) Boston, MA
Juan Martinez (BFA '94) Oxnard, CA
Jacqueline Martinez Pullen (BA '94) St. Louis, MO
Anna Michelle Martinez-Montavon (BA '11) Hesburgh Libraries, South Bend, IN
Melanie Masin (BA '92) Telford, PA
Fran Masin-Moyer (BA '92) Telford, PA
Cody Mason (BBA '17 ) New York, NY
Jessica Massay (BA '96) San Antonio, TX
Johannes Masserer (BA '05) Los Angeles, CA
Brian Mast (BBA '88) San Francisco, CA
Cecilia Mast McTigue (BA '88) Chicago IL
Erin Matsukane (BA '07) Chicago, IL
Brad Mattan (BA '08) Chicago, IL
Katie Mattie (BA '14) South Bend, IN
Sarah Mattos (BA '06) Baltimore, MD
Jordan Matulis (BA '12) San Francisco, CA
Claire Maulit (BS '08) Vancouver, Canada
Steven Mautone (BBA '02)
Heather Maxwell-Murray (MA '05) Chicago, IL
Aimee Shelide Mayer (BA '06, MA '08) Nashville, TN
Jeremy Mayernik (BBA '92) Pittsburgh,PA
Melissa Mayus (BA '05, PhD '15) Kalamazoo, MI
Eric Mazelis (BBA '15) Chicago, IL
Steph Mazur (BS '13) Washington, DC
Ann Mazza (BS '15) Chicago, IL
Mark Mazzola (BS '95) Seattle, WA
Cristin McAuley (BA '04) Chicago, IL
Genevieve McCabe (BA '11) Brooklyn, NY
Kerry McCartan (BA '16) Austin, TX
Lynette McCarthy (MFA '17) South Bend, IN
Kelsey McCarthy (BBA '09) Laguna Beach, CA
Michelle McCarthy (BA '16) Clifton Park, NY
Carol McClay (BA '98, M.Ed. '00) Chicago, IL
Dawn McConaghy (BArch '97) Seattle, WA
Jacqui McConnell (BA '08)
Michael McConnell (BS '08) Saint Johns, FL
John McCormack (MA '09, PhD '16) Chicago, IL
Elizabeth McCorry (BA '05) Chicago, IL
Elizabeth McCorry (BS '76) Mishawaka, IN
Kelly McCrystal (BA '92)
Mike McCullough (BA '68) New York, NY
Bridget McCullough (BS '96) Madtown, WI
Marisa McCurdy (BA '99) Elkridge, MD
Michael McCurdy (BA '99) Elkridge, MD
Kenneth McDonnell (BS '73) United States
Meghan McDonough (BA '08) Islamabad, Pakistan
Douglas McEachern (BS '97) Brooklyn, NY
Paul McEwan, Former faculty, Allentown, PA
Erin McGaughnea (BS '05) Charlotte, NC
Kelly McGee (BA '16) Washington, DC
Ryan McGettigan (BA '06) Conshohocken, PA
William McGlinn (BA '76) Allentown, PA
Brian McGlinn (BS '83) Richfield, MN
Sarah McGough (BA '14) Cambridge, MA
Kristin McGowan (BA '93) Merrick, NY
Nichole McGowan Pickett (BA '01) San Mateo, CA
Matthew McGrath (BS '16, MS '17) Notre Dame, IN
Tracy McGrath, Chicago, IL
Lisa McGriff-Metz (BS '92) Houston, TX
Allison McGuffie (BA '04) Eugene, OR
Kerry McGuire (BA '09) Minneapolis, MN
Megan McGuire Tommer (BA '07) Naperville, IL
Marcella McIntyre (BA '99) Edina, MN
Sarah McKibben, Department of Irish Language and Literature, Associate Professor and Chair, South Bend, IN
Ryan McLaughlin (BA '3) Chicago, IL
Jeff McLean (BFA '14) Brooklyn, NY
Robert McMahon (JD '93) Cincinnati, OH
Andrea McMerty-Brummer (BA '01, MNA '10) Minneapolis, MN
Mallory McMorrow (BA '08) Royal Oak, MI
Jim McNamee (BA '97) Brooklyn, NY
Kathryn McNelis Merce (BA '06) Pittsburgh, PA
Tim McOsker (BA '84) Los Angeles, CA
Nella McOsker (BA '10) Los Angeles, CA
Brendan McPhillips (BA '10) Philadelphia, PA
Feliz Medina (BA '05) Taos, NM
Joy Meeker (MA '90) Ely, MN
Angie Melton (BA '92) Kensington, MD
Troy Mendez (BBA '94) Phoenix, AZ
Alesandra Mendoza (BA '14) Whittier, CA
Jean Menoni Reidy (BBA '81) Greenwood Village, CO
Matthew Mergen (BA '91) Long Valley, NJ
Emily Merkler Wood (BS '00, BA '00, JD '07) Chicago, IL
Brendan Merriweather (BBA '08) Houston, TX
Reid Merryman (BS '08) Boston, MA
Allison Meyer (BA '04) Phoenix, AZ
Kenyon Meyer (BA '92) Louisville, KY
Emer Middleton (BBA '16) New York, NY
Brooke Miers (MS '16) Atlanta, GA
Christopher Mignanelli (BA '99) Newtown, CT
Nicole Mikicic (BA '05) Seattle, WA
Chris Milazzo (B.A. '13) New York, NY
Jesse Miller (BA '03) Madison WI
Jessica Miller (BS '05) Madison, WI
Stephen Miller, Adjunct Specialist in Guitar, South Bend, IN
Sarah Miller (BA '14) Seattle, WA
Tracey Miller (BBA '97) Cincinnati, OH
Jacob Minnaugh (BA '13) Chicago, IL
Alexandra Minnis (BS '09) Boston, MA
Loretta Mirandola (BA '78) Lawrenceville, GA
Elena Misailedes (BA '14) Ithaca, NY
Dennis Mitchell (BBA '70) Des Moines, IA
Scott Mitsui (BA '92) Los Angeles, CA
Rene Mitsui (BA '98) San Francisco, CA
Chenoa Topash Mitsui (BA '92) Burbank, CA
Tamera Miyasato (BA '08) Pine Ridge, SD
Kristen Mizzi (BA '05) Washington, DC
Thomas Modic (BA '78) California
Tylor Mondragon (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Mark Monroe (BBA '82) Washington DC
Megan Monserez (BA '01) Washington, DC
Patrick Montalvo (BA '10) San Antonio, Texas
Mariana Montes (BS '08) Washington, DC
Lauren Montes (LaMore) (BA '12, MA '15) Fort Worth, TX
Candace Montgomery (BBA '10) Los Angeles, CA
Kathleen Monticello (BA '06) Santiago, Chile
Andrew Moore (BA '13) San Francisco, CA
Rayven Moore (BA '14) Houston, TX
Antoinette Moore (BA '08) Denver, CO
Rae Moors (BA '15) Madison, WI
Victoria Moreno (BA '13) Miami, FL
Kate Morgan, Houston, TX
Yuko Mori (BBA '07) New York, NY
Dan Moriarty (MA '01) Cochabamba, Bolivia
Lito Morona, Plant City, FL
Bridget Morrison (BA '96) Arlington, VA
Lauren Morse (BS '14) Los Angeles, CA
Mary Kate Morton Geraghty (BA '96) Boston, MA
Carrie Mosar (BA '99) Salem, OR
Jennie Motto Mesterharm (BBA '08) Chicago, IL
Emily Moynihan (BS '06) Grantham, NH
Lena Mucchetti (FTT '05) DE
Christopher Mueller (BS '96) Austin, TX
Mary Mullen (BA '04) Philadelphia, PA
Brianna Muller (BA '10) Portland, OR
Meggan Muller (BS '13) Chicago, IL
Gail Mulligan (BA '96, MA '99, PhD '05) McLean, VA
Clare Mundy (BA '12) South Bend, IN
Cristina Munoz (BA '17) Nashville, TN
Deanna Munoz (BA '07) Washington, DC
Marisa Munoz (BA '05) Chicago, IL
Maria Munoz-Enriquez (B.A. '95) Escondido
Ineke Murakami (MA, PhD '06) Albany, NY
Deirdre Murdy (BA '11) Park City, UT
Katy Murdza (BA '12) Monterey, CA
Eileen Murphy (BArch '09) Durham, NH
Patrick Murphy (BS '89) Lee, NH
Demetrius Murphy (BBA '15) Gary, IN
Chris & Lauren Murphy (BS '07) Chicago, IL
Ashley Murray (BA '14) North Chicago, IL
Michaela Murray-Nolan (BA '02) Asbury Park, NJ
Sarah Muscarella (BA '08) Boston, MA
Meghan Muscato (BBA '99) West Linn, OR
Todd Muscato (BA '99) West Linn, OR
Courtenay Myers (BA '00) Chicago, IL
Stephen Nadeau (BA '07) Fall River
Alexandra Nagy (BA '14) Indianapolis, IN
Matthew Nagy (BS '15) San Jose, CA
Peter Nardi (BA '69) Los Angeles, CA
Christine Nardi (BS '99) Madison, WI
Joseph Navarre (BS '07) New York, NY
Timothy Neagle (BBA '98) San Francisco, CA
Camille Neal (BBA '15) Chicago, IL
Kimberly Neary (BS '13) Culver City, CA
Elizabeth Neiman (BA '10) Chicago IL
AnaMarie Nelson (BA '05) Silver Spring, MD
Kevin Nemeth, MD (BS '07) Miami Beach, FL
Teresa Nesbitt (BA '09) Griffin, GA
Kale Ness (JD '02) Dallas, TX
Kate Newhart (BArch '14) Chicago, IL
Alexandra Newton (BS '14) New York, NY
Aaron Nichols, South Bend, IN
Jody Nicholson (PhD '09) Atlantic Beach, FL
Sally Nickele (BA '03) Memphis, TN
Anne Niebler (BA '96) Madison WI
Jusn Nieto (BSPP MD '70) Austin, TX
Jill Nisson, San Francisco, CA
Chelsea Noble, OIT, South Ben, IN
Kathryn Nocero MacMillan (BA '99) Philadelphia, PA
Anne Nofziger (BS, MD '92) Rochester, NY
Tom Nolan (BS '03) Baltimore, MD
Kevin Noonan (BBA '14) Los Angeles, CA
Zachary Norman, Staff, South bend, IN
Tara Noronha (BA '02) Portland, OR
Shantel Northbird (BA '13) Bemidji, MN
Lucia Notardonato (BA '13) Milwaukee, WI
Derek Novacek (BA '13) Atlanta, GA
Lindsay Nowak (BS '13) Chicago, IL
Theresa Nucciarone, South Bend, IN
Heddy Nunez (BA '07) Tucson, AZ
Katie Nuss (BA '08) Houston, TX
Thomas O'Brien (BA '86) Pasadena CA
Carolyn O'Connell (JD '11) Chicago, IL
Katie O'Connell Marsh (BA '91) los angeles, ca
Michael O'Connor (BA '08, MEd '10) Boston, MA
Frankie O'Connor (BS '02) San Diego, CA
Anne O'Connor (BS '95) Madison, WI
Brendan O'Connor (BSME '01, MSME '04) Cincinnati, OH
Anne O'Connor (BS '95) Madison, WI
Megan O'Donoghue (BA '08) Oakland, CA
Molly O'Halloran (BArch '90) Austin TX
Erin O'Keefe (BD '02) Chicago, IL
Charlie O'Leary (BA '13) New York, NY
Erin O'Leary (BA '06) Washington, DC
Erin O'Leary (BS '01) West Lafayette, IN
Kaitlyn O'Leary (BA '08, MEd '10) Seattle, WA
Elise O'Malley (BBA '13) New York, NY
Keri O'Mara (BFA '15) Chicago, IL
Molly O'Rourke (BA '00) Los Angeles, CA
Brendan O'Shea (BA '13) New Haven, CT
Kelly O'Shea (BS '16) Gainesville, FL
Rachel O'Sullivan (BA '95) Madison, AL
Akosua Oben-Nyarko (BBA '15) Chicago, IL
Mary OConnor (BS '83) Seattle, WA
Jacquie Odelson (BA '05) Western Springs, IL
Emily OHara (BS '96) Columbus, OH
Mary Olen, Campus Ministry, Notre Dame, IN
Manuel Olguin (BA '08)
Anthony Oliver (BA '84) Salt Lake City, UT
Miriam Olsen (BS '10) San Francisco, CA
Chase Olson (BA '04) Madison, WI
Austin Olson (BA '11) Austin, TX
Ranen Omer-Sherman (PhD '00) Louisville, KY
Chinelo Onyeador (BA '14) Arlington, TX
Kathleen Opel, Notre Dame International, Granger, IN
Julianne Opet (BA '08) Philadelphia, PA
Abbey Orozco (BA '03) Philadelphia, PA
Madolyn Orr (BA '01)
Victor Ortale (BArch '80) Boston, MA
Nicole Ortega (BBA '03) Round Rock,TX
Evelyn Ortiz Sanchez (BA '96) San Diego, CA
Luisa Ossa (BA '93) Philadelphia, PA
Rachel Ossmo (BA '03) Chicago, IL
Lauren Osterhus Zenker (BA '06) Wake Forest, NC
Jacqueline Ostrowski (BA '02) Chicago, IL
Katie Otterbeck (BA '15) Denver, CO
Brian Owsley (BA '88) Dallas, TX
Matt Padberg (BS '05) Chicago, IL
Jennifer Pae (BA '92) Lakewood, OH
Michelle Paek (BS '15) Boston, MA
Rich Pagen (BS '92) Minneapolis, MN
Abigail Palko (PhD '10) Charlottesville, VA
Emily Palmer (BS '14) Brooklyn, NY
Art Panfile (BA '75) Drexel Hill, PA
Sarah Parker (BS '06, MSA '07) Los Angeles, CA
Jay Parks (BS '75) Palm Springs, FL
Karen Parolek (BArch '95) Berkeley, CA
Heather Parrish (MFA '14) Department of Art, Art History, & Design, South Bend, IN
Britta Parten (BA '96) Littleton, CO
Christina Partyka (BA '09) New York, NY
Lauren Pate (BA '16) Washingotn, D.C.
Paul Patterson (MA, PhD '07) Drexel Hill, PA
Kristin (Greeley) Pechinsky (BA '93) Lexington, MA
Jessica Peck (BA '16) Arlington, VA
Michael Pelzl, San Diego, CA
Casey Pelzl (BS '06) San Diego, CA
Amanda Peña (BA '15) Portland, OR
Carlos Peña (BA '11) Chicago, IL
David Penberthy (BBA '13) Arlington, VA
Kris Penn (BA '92) Chicago, IL
Francesca Pennino (BA '09) Seattle, WA
Paul Peralta (B.A. '79 and J.D. '86) Adjunct Law faculty, Charlotte, N.C.
Laurie Perez (BA '04) Chicago, IL
Lisa Perez Tighe (BA '88) Reading MA
Mary Peris (BS '08) Chicago, IL
Joseph Peris (BA '09) Chicago, IL
Carter Perrin (BBA '14) Chicago, IL
Katherine Perry (BS '08) N/A New York, NY
Catherine Peters (BA '09) Cambridge, MA
Jennifer Petty (JD '10) Lakeland, FL
Billy Pfeifer (BBA '10, MSA '11) Dallas, TX
Malcolm Phelan (BA '12) San Antonio, TX
Mary Therese Philbin Carlson (BA '76) Western Springs, IL
Alexis Phillips-Walker (BA '06) Houston, TX
Kate Pichon (BA '05) Morton Grove, IL
Emily Pike (BA '06) Bloomington, IN
Stephanie Pile (BBA '91) Alameda, CA
Rachel Pilla (BS '13) Oxford, OH
Tara Pillai (BA '10) South Bend, IN
Bryan Pino (BS '99) Salt Lake City, UT
Jane Pitz (MFA '71) South Bend, IN
Sabrina Placeres (BBA '06) Chicago, IL
Anna Plecha (BA '13) San Francisco, CA
Pierpaolo Polzonetti, Program of Liberal Studies, South Bend, IN
Douglas Pope (BA '04) San Francisco, CA
Alejandro Porras (BS '15) Chicago, IL
Jennifer Porst (BA '98) Boston, MA
G. Margaret Porter, Librarian Emerita, South Bend, IN
Brianna (Neblung) Potthast (BA '13) Washington, DC
Emily Potucek (BA '16) Chester, NJ
Joseph Powers (BA '04) Redwood City, CA
Beth Powers (BA '86) San Francisco, CA
Joseph Powers (BS '08) Oak Park, IL
Christine Powers (BA '90) Bakers Mills, NY
Gabriel Prado Correa (BA '16) Chicago, IL
Ava Preacher, Granger, IN
Emilie Prot (DO, MPH '09) Austin, TX
Michael Prough (BS '15, MA '16) South Bend, IN
Jen Pruchnik (BS '07) Boulder, CO
Laura Puente (BS '94, MBA '98) Chicago, IL
Nettie Pyne (BS '11) Columbus, OH
Cameron Pywell (BS '13) Houston, TX
Catherine Quinlan Heaney (JD '94) Chicago, IL
Caroline Quinn (BBA '15) Chicago, IL
Nahuel Quiroga (BS '97) Chile
Marcus Radley (BS '06) Waltham, MA
Debbra Rafine (BA '88) Chicago, IL
Ann Raiho, South Bend, IN
Kacey Rak (BA '05) Chicago, IL
Paola Ramirez (BA '97) Denver, CO
Francisco Ramirez (BA '04, MEd '06) Chicago, IL
Ricky Ramon (BA '99) Austin, Texas
Marisa Ramon (BA '12) Houston, TX
Katarina Ramos (BA '08) Chicago, IL
Erin Ramsey-Tooher (BA '09) Boston, MA
Alice Randall (BA '9) Boston, MA
Juan Rangel (BA '15) Washington, DC
David Rapp (BS '92) Los Angeles, CA
Timothy Rastello (JD '81) Boulder, CO
Sully Ratke (BS '10) Chicago, IL
Matthew Raulston (BS '92) Baku, Azerbaijan
Cara Ray (BA '13) San Francisco, CA
Amina Ray (BA '01) Fort Mill, SC
Stephen Raymond (BS '91) Santa Monica, CA
Jeff Ream (BArch '01) Asheville, NC
Emma Reaney (BA '15) Frankston, VIC, Australia
Paula Reck (BS '97) Newcastle, WA
Thomas Reck (BA '95) Newcastle,WA
Teresa Recker (Hancock) (Psychology '08) Phoenix, AZ
Laura Reding (BA '99) Seattle, WA
Jessie Reed (BArch '81) Scottsdale, AZ
Keith Rehermann (BS '04) Wakefield, MA
Robert Reichle (BA '13) Chicago, IL
Carl Reid (BA '79) Southfield, MI
Connor Reider (BS '14) New York, NY
Timothy Reidy (BArch '10) Pittsburgh, PA
Bonnie Leigh Reifsteck (BA '04) Albuquerque, NM
Karl Reifsteck (BA '04) Albuquerque, NM
Angela Reilly (BA '16)
Emily Reimer-Barry (BA '00) Chula Vista, CA
Earlyn Reinhardt (BS '10) Austin, TX
Gino Reinhart (BFA '00) Sugar Hill, GA
Dan Reitz (BS '14) Providence, RI
Rick Rembusch (BS '97) San Francisco, CA
Marie Revak, Staff, Granger, IN
Taja Reynolds
Alyssa Rhodes (BA '13) New York, NY
Jacob Ricci, Milwaukee, WI
Alex Rice (BS '16) Bethesda, MD
Kristi Rice (BA '15) Chicago, IL
Lauren Rich (PhD '12) Plymouth, IN
Áine Richards (BA '07) Seattle, WA
Emma Richardson (BS '13) Chicago, IL
Anne-Marie Rick (BS '07) Denver, CO
James Rickert,MD (BA '84) Bloomington, IN
Tabitha Ricketts (BS '16) Washington, DC
Mary Clare Rigali (BA '14) Washington, DC
Jeni Rinner (BA '01, MEd '03) Denver, CO
Maureen Ritchey (BS '05) Cambridge, MA
Katie Rivard (MEd '11) Tucson, AZ
Antonio Rivas (BS) San Antonio, TX
Joe Roberts (BArch '95) Milwaukee, WI
Jessica Roberts (BA '08) North Carolina
Anh-Chi Robertson, San Diego CA
Viveca Robichaud, Hesburgh Libraries
Jessica Rodriguez (BA '08) Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Maggie Roe (MS '98) Burnsville, MN
Victoria Roeck (BA '14) New Haven, CT
Pamela Roesch (BA '08) Chicago, IL
Jenna Rogers-Rafferty (BA '08) Brooklyn, NY
Dyan Rohol (BBA '96) New York, NY
Katie Rooney (BA '08) Chicago, IL
Lezlie Roosa (BS '99) Denver, CO
Jim Ropa (BS '13) Ypsilanti, MI
Diego Ros (BS '01) San Diego, CA
Donald Rosemeyer (BSCE '75) Cincinnati OH
Charles Rosenberg, Prof. Emeritus, Art History
Blaise Ross (BBA '13) Chicago, IL
Nathan Rothenberger (BBA '10) Portland, OR
Deb Rotman, Department of Anthropology, South Bend, IN
Julie Ann Rottenborn (BBA '05) San Diego, CA
John Rowe (BS '70) East Falmouth, MA
Kerry Rowe (BA '01) Brooklyn, NY
Edward Ruane (BS '06) Pittsburgh, PA
Teresa Rubinger (BA '14) Washington, DC
Amanda Rubio (BA '03) Pittsburgh, PA
David F. Ruccio, Professor of Economics, Notre Dame, IN
Frances Rudolf (BS, MD '11) San Diego, CA
Caleigh Ruether (BS '14) Jefferson City, MO
Marco Ruiz (BS '15) Chicago, IL
Cecilia Ruiz (BSAE '15) Boston, MA
Alyssa Ruiz (BS '16) Austin, TX
Paulina Rullán (BS '14) Ponce, Puerto Rico
Carolyn Rumer (BA '10) Washington, DC
Mac Russell (BFA '07)
Michael Russell (BA '05) Charlotte, NC
Annette Ruth (BS '11, BA '12, MS '12) Madison, WI
Tony Ruth (BA '99) Oak Park, IL
Carlo Ruth (BArch '99) Chicago , IL
Bridget Ruud (BA '96) Fairfax, CA
Kelly Ryan (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Deirdre Ryan Wilson (BA '88) Plano, TX
Kathryn Ryan-Zeugner, Librarian, retired South Bend
Victor Sadauskas (BS '13) Peoria, IL
Anne Marie Salan (BA '95) London, United Kingdom
Catalina Saldivia Lagos, Seattle, WA
Patrick Salemme (BA '14) Buffalo, NY
Kathleen Salvaty (BA '92) Los Angeles, CA
Jenni Sanchez (BBA '13) Chicago, IL
Santiago Sanchez (BS '11) Atlanta, GA
Olga Sanchez Caro (MA '16) Baltimore, MD
Meghann Sandak (BA '04, MEd '06) Chicago, IL
Jeffrey Sandate (BS '00) Dallas, TX
Alison Sandberg (BS '98) Denver, CO
Davis Sandefur (BS '14) Kentucky
Lindsey Sansone (BA '14, BS '15) Boston, MA
Patricia Santamaria (BA '11) Anaheim, CA
Patricia Santis (BA '85) Minneapolis, MN
Joao Santos (PhD '20) Notre Dame, IN
Caitlin Sapunor-Davis, Sacramento, CA
Lawrence Sass (BBA '78) Seattle, WA
Michelle Saucedo (BA '10) Los Ángeles, CA
Molly Savage (BS '05) Arlington, VA
Megan Savage (BS '09) New Orleans, LA
Valerie Sayers, Department of English
Amanda Schallman (BBA '07) Chicago, IL
Kristin Schantz (BBA '01) Westwood, MA
Katherine Pielsticker Scherer (BA '92) Glen Ellyn, IL
Kathleen Schiavenza (BA '15) Washington, DC
Doug Schlarman (BA '08) New York, NY
Shannon Schlehuber (BA '94)
Rachel Schmid (MA '13) Los Angeles, CA
Gisela Schmidt (BA '09) San Diego, CA
Michael Schmitt (BA '06) Encinitas CA
Thomas Schneeman (BA '16) San Francisco, CA
Madeline Schneeman (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Allison Schneider (BA '13) New York, NY
Madeleine Schnittker (BA '13) Bloomington, IN
Alexander Schoemann (BBA '14) Seattle, WA
Krista Schoening (BA '02) Seattle, WA
Reed Schrad (BS '13) Raleigh, NC
Paul Schramm (MS '07) Atlanta, GA
Tom Schreck (BA '06) Nashville, TN
Betsy Schroeder (BS '04) Indianapolis IN
Ryan Schultheis (BA '15) Houston, TX
Joe Schuster (BA '05) Chicago, IL
Lindsay Schwartz (BS '11) Los Angeles, CA
Melissa Scott (BA '15) Miami, FL
Valli Scott (BA '86) South Bend, IN
Casey Seal (BA '09) Detroit, MI
Brian Seaman (BA '00) Philadelphia, PA
Alexandra Searle (BS, BA '14) Baltimore, MD
Rebecca Sees (BSE '12) Winston-Salem, NC
Nick Seewald (BS '13) Ann Arbor, MI
Daniel Sehlhorst (BA '16) Indianapolis, IN
Annie Selak, Former Rector, Walsh Hall, Boston, MA
John Selent (JD '80) Louisville, KY
Ashley Selkirk (BA '09) New York, NY
Andrea Serrano (BA '10) Chicago, IL
Ashley Serrette (BS '09) Norfolk, VA
Monise Seward (BA '99) Norcross, GA
Jessica Sexton (Maitland) (BA '07) Toronto, Ontario
Fritz Shadley (BA '08)
Molly Shank (BA '14) Washington, DC
Samantha Shannon (BS '96) Dallas, TX
Ashley Shannon (BA '96, MA '99) Grand Rapids, MI
Thomas A. Shannon, Eagles Mere, PA
Stephanie Shaw, Indianapolis, IN
Megan Shea (BA '09) Chicago
Shannon Shea (BBA '93) Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Mohamed Shehab Eldin (MA '03) Cairo, Egypt
Jenny Shehan (BS '14) Omaha, NE
Maira Sheikh (JD '12) Austin, TX
Maureen Sheldon (BA '03) Buffalo, NY
Paul Sheperd (BS '03) Denver, CO
Ryan Shepherd (BA '8) Chicago il.
Nick Shepherd, Dallas, TX
Bernadette Shepherd, Dallas TX
Thomas Sherer (BS '81) Old Lyme, CT
Thomas Sherer (BA '68) Michigan
Elizabeth Sheridan Vanneste (BBA '82) St. Petersburg, FL
Mary Shetzline (BS, MS '08) Philadelphia, PA
Maria Duque Shideler (BA '04) Chicago, IL
Harrison Shipp (BS '14) Seattle, WA
Carolyn Shivers (BA '08) Blacksburg, VA
Stephanie Sieswerda (BA '12) Washington, DC
Luis Silva (BS '09) Los Angeles, CA
Michael Silvernagel (BS '15) Stanford University, CA
Kelly Simon (BA '08) Portland, OR
Nicholas Simonson (BA '09) Seattle, WA
Diana Simpson (BA '02) Takoma Park, MD
Jerry Simpson, Olney, MD
Dannika Simpson (BA '92) Houston, TX
John Sitter, Department of English, Notre Dame, IN
Tara Skelly (BS '99) Durham, NC
Sara Skiles (PhD '14) Sociology, South Bend, IN
Matthew Skinner (BA '06) New York, NY
Katie Skirtich Smyser (BA '06) Buffalo, NY
James Slaven (BFA '14) Orange County, CA
Molly Slavin (BA '09) Atlanta, GA
Caolan Sleeper (BA '08) New York, NY
Dana Slevin (BS '93) Mechanicsburg, PA
Michele Sloan (BA '02) Chicago, IL
Jane Sloss (BArch '03) Chicago, IL
Claire Sloss (BA '09) Chicago, IL
Debra Smetana (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Brooks Smith (BA '11) Los Angeles, CA
Lucy Smith (BS '14, MS '15) Dallas, TX
Ryan Smith (BA, MSA '07) Long Island City, NY
Bob Smith, South Bend, IN
Clayton Smith (BA '14) Washington, DC
Abigail Smith (BA '13) New Haven, CT
Scott Smith (PhD '07) State College, PA
Caitlin Smith (BA '09) Arlington, VA
Brian Smith (BS '98) Seattle, WA
Rebecca Smith (Antas) (BA '08) Chicago, IL
Allison Smith (Merz) (MBA '95) Portland, OR
Elizabeth Smith-Meyer (MFA '00) Fort Wayne, IN
Lora Smitham (BS '02, MA '07, PhD '10) Phoenix, AZ
Cheryl Snay, Snite Museum, Granger, IN
Jakoda Snider (BA '15) Indianapolis, IN
Sara Snider (BA '08) San Francisco, CA
Dennis Sobolewski (BS '73) Cherry Hill, NJ
Julie Sobolewski (BA '08) New York, NY
Aisha Soderberg (BA '96) Chicago, IL
Pacifico Soldati (B.A. '07) Irvine, CA
Mary Sommer Sandak (JD '75) Stamford CT
Michael Sonntag (BBA '92) Los Angeles, CA
Deanna Sortino (BA '05) Chicago, IL
Brian South (BA '04) Naperville, IL
Steven Spano (BBA '82) London, UK
Michael Spencer (BS '05)
Lauren Spieller (MA '11) Brooklyn, NY
Ryan Spillers (BS '00) Los Angeles, CA
Jason Springs, Kroc Institute, South Bend, IN
Louella St. Ville (BA '77) Evanston, IL
Abby Stahl Molenda (BA '04, MA '06) Chicago, IL
Jacob Stanton (BBA '14) Arlington, VA
Cecilia Stanton-Verduzco (BA '06) South Bend, IN
Valda Staton (BA '80) Chicago, IL
Kristin Steckbeck Bilinski (BA '04) Roanoke, IN
Michele Steele (BA '92) Indianapolis, IN
Julia Steiner (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Kathryn Steinlage Muller (MEd '02) Denver, CO
Michael Stephens (BA '04) St. Petersburg, FL
John Stephens (BA '71) Treasure Island, FL
Rebecca Stephenson (PhD '04) Dublin, Ireland
James Sterba, Department of Philosophy, South Bend, IN
Lesley Stevenson (BA '16) New York, NY
Stacey Stewart (BA '95) Department of Film, Television, and Theatre Mishawaka, IN
Tricia Stewart (BA '78) Geneva, IL
Gerard (Kevin) Stewart (BBA '76) Geneva, IL
Michael Stewart (BA '95) Goodyear, AZ
Taylor Sticha (BA '13) Chicago, IL
Edward Stivers (BS '13) New York, NY
Kara Strass (BS '11) Oxford, OH
Christopher Strathman (PhD '93) Bonita Springs, FL
Michael Strock (BA '14) Boulder, CO
Rocky Stroud (BA '12) Boston, MA
Sam Stryker (BA '13) Los Angeles, CA
Kyle Sturges, Notre Dame International, Granger, IN
Camille Suarez (BA '13) Philadelphia, PA
Michael Subialka (BS '06) Davis, CA
Leslie Sudbury-Haydel (JD '91) Atlanta, GA
Kate Suddes (BFA '04) Portland, OR
Marissa Suiter (BA '08) Minneapolis, MN
Joanna Sullivan (BA '13) Kansas City, MO
Megan Sullivan (BA '03) Washington, DC
Gwyneth Sullivan (BS, MS '14) Chicago, IL
Carrie Sullivan (BA '96) Redwood City, CA
John Sullivan (JD '83) Minneapolis MN
Christine Sumog-oy (MA '16) Chicago, IL
Alex Sun (BS '15) Chicago, IL
Meagan Sutton (BA '04) Nairobi, Kenya
Joan Swanson (BBA '14) Dallas, TX
Shari Sweet, Graduate School, South Bend, IN
Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece (BA '00) Milwaukee, WI
Rachel Szucs (BS '16) Chicago, IL
Meghann Tabor (BA '05) Chicago, IL
Natalia Tafur (BBA '97) San Diego, CA
Nikita Taniparti (BA '14) Cambridge, MA
Anita Tarango (BBA '93) Tempe, AZ
Aaron Tarnasky (BS '16) Durham, NC
Mark Emmanuel Tate (BA '97) Franklin, TN
Lisa Taylor (BA '14) Bogotá, Colombia
Alicia Taylor (BS '01) Denver, CO
William Taylor (BS '03) Newfane, VT
Ashley Taylor (BS '14) New York, NY
Julia Teixeira (BS '14)
Christina Telesca Gorman (BA '91) New York, NY
Dominiq Telfort (BA '15)
Carmen-Helena Tellez, Professor of Music, South Bend, IN
Laura Temple (BA '86) Downers Grove, IL
Natalie Tenner (BA '05) Washington, DC
Emilie Terhaar (BA '15) CHICAGO
Nicole Tewolde ( '15) Chicago, IL
Rosie Thenot-Siegel (BA '07) Chicago, IL
Melinda Therkalsen (BA '03) San Diego, CA
Katherine Thewes (BS '92) Columbus, OH
Ali Thiel (BA '14) Laramie, WY
Maggie Thomas (BA '11) Boston, MA
Alexandra Thomas (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Arienne Thompson (BA '04) Washington, DC
Timothy Thompson (BA '98) New York, NY
Adam Tibble (BA '02) Northern CA
Connor Tice (BS '14) Seattle, WA
Laura Tiche Dwyer (BS '11) Ithaca, NY
Trish Tierney (BA '92) San Francisco, CA
Peter Tierney (BA '67) Boulder, CO
Paul Tierney, Jr. (AB '64) New York, NY
Katie Tieu (BBA '07) Chicago, IL
Michael Tillema (BS '16) San Antonio, TX
Ruth Tillman, Librarian, Hesbugh Libraries, South Bend, IN
Lisa To (MD '06) Dallas, TX
Brittany (Diedrich) Tobias (BBA '06) Ann Arbor, MI
Stephanie Tolentino (BA '94) Chicago, IL
Alison Tomasco (BA '02) Moorestown, NJ
Kathleen Tonry (PhD '05) Storrs, CT
Alex Toombs (BS '13) San Francisco, CA
Andrea Topash-Rios (BA '95, MA '96) Niles, MI
Christopher Torres (BS '15) South Bend, IN
Louann Toscano (BA '14) Chicago, IL
Année Tousseau (BA '05) Sunnyvale, CA
Jasmin (Simmons) Tow (BA '11) Oakland, CA
Megan Towle (BA '07) Philadelphia, PA
Kevin Towle (BS '12) San Francisco, CA
Eimear Towler (PhD '06) Tampa, FL
Moira Trausch, South Bend, IN
Anthony Treemarcki (BBA '10) New York, NY
Jocelyn Tremblay (BArch '97) Holliston, MA
Renee Trilling (MA '01, PhD '04) Champaign, IL
Lauren Trocano (BA '88) Pittsburgh, PA
Susie Turk (BBA '98) Austin, TX
Kimbra Turner (PhD '16) Memphis, TN
Brooke Turrell (BA '15) Kansas City, MO
Drew Updike (BA, MD, MPH '05) Boulder, CO
Lindsay Van Gorkom (BA '02, JD '05) Indianapolis, IN
Martin van Koolbergen (BArch '94) New York, NY
Monica VanBladel (BA '12) San Francisco, CA
Chris VandenBossche (BA '72) Professor Emeritus, South Bend, IN
Lenore VanderZee (JD '06, LLM '07) Canton, NY
Katy VanVliet (BA '06) Chicago
Clare Vara (BSME '07) Solana Beach, CA
Angela Vara (BA '08) New York, NY
Amanda Varela (BA '2015) Chicago
Ignacia Vasquez (BS '18) South Bend, IN
Patrick Vassel (BA '07) New York, NY
Diana Vazquez (BA '16) Anaheim, CA
Julie Vecchio (BA '04) Hesburgh Libraries
Anna Veit (BS '15) St. Paul, MN
Ernesto Verdeja, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Wyatt Verplaetse (BS '12) Peoria, IL
Michael Vidmar-McEwen (MA '06) Cleveland, OH
Corinne Viglietta Manley (BA '06) Washington, DC
Eric Villalpando (BA '16) Chicago, IL
Frank Viola (BS '02) New York
Julie Vlaming (BA '94) Chicago, IL
Brian Vogt (BS '14) Chicago, IL
Stephanie W (MBA '03) California
Courtney Waggenspack (BS '06) New York, NY
Brent Wagner (BBA '04) Pittsburgh, PA
Adrienne Wagner (BA '00) Columbus, OH
Ron Wagner, Jr (BS '86) Highlands Ranch, CO
Christopher Walker (BS '14) Raleigh, NC
Pam & John Walker (BA '78) Berkeley, CA
Kerry Wallace (nee Haverkamp) (BA '87) Edwards, CO
Ashlee Walls (BS '03) Shiprock, NM
Patricia Walsh (BBA '13, MSA '14) Philadelphia, PA
Zhidong Wang (Law '94) Chicago, IL
Brendan Ward (BA '13) Red Bank, NJ
Richard Ward (BA '84) Windsor, Ontario
Kate Ward (BA '15) Pittsburgh, PA
Michael Warner (MTS '06) Columbus, OH
Blair Warner (JD '15) Chicago, IL
Zach Waterson (BS '16) San Francisco, CA
Joseph Watson (BBA '91, MBA '97) Monroe, NC
Kristi (Klitsch) Weaver (BA '99) Hinsdale, IL
Bill Webb (BA '88, JD '91) San Rafael, CA
Erin Weber, United States
Stephen Weeg (BA '68) Pocatello, ID
Joseph Wegener (BA '13) Boston, MA
Nicole Wehner (BS '11) Portland, OR
Rachel Weigel (BS '15) St. Paul, MN
Justin Weissert (BS '07) Pittsburgh, PA
Patrick Wenning (BA '87) Hyattsville, MD
Elizabeth Westrope (BA '13) Chicago, IL
Joshua Whitaker (BA '13) Chicago, IL
Connor White (BA '14) Cork, Ireland
Joey White (BS '14) Washington, DC
Sian White (PhD '09) Harrisonburg, VA
Anthony Whitlow (BA '97) Memphis, TN
John Whitty (BA '10) Los Angeles, CA
Maggie Wickett-Altier (BBA '08)
Linda Wiessler-Hughes (BA '82) Washington DC
April Wilfong (BSN, BA '08) St. Mary's College, Chicago, IL
Mairin Wilkie (BA '07)
Eileen Wilkie (BA '08) Washington, DC
Alisha Wilkinson (BA '09, MNA '17) Fort Worth, TX
Justin Williams (BS '04) Pittsburgh, PA
Emily Williams (BA '08) Chicago, IL
Stacey Williams (BA '08) France
Amy Williams (BA '04) Pittsburgh, PA
Richard Williams, Sociology Faculty, South Bend, IN
Samantha Williams (BA '10) Washington, DC
Lauran Williamson (BBA '06)
Erica Williamson (BA '10) South Bend, IN
Maria Wilson (BS '14) San Diego, CA
Caroline Wilson (BA '92) Austin, TX
Laura Winkiel (BBS '87 PhD '99)
Samantha Winter McAlpin (JD '11) Phoenix, AZ
Michelle Wirth, Department of Psychology South Bend, IN
Karsonya Wise Whitehead (MA'93)
Julie Wiskirchen (BA '94) Los Angeles, CA
Andria Wisler (BA '94) Washington, DC
John Witek (MA '04) Atlanta, GA
Madeleine Witt (BA '16) Scranton, PA
Maureen Witt (JD '80) Denver, CO
Lindsay Wittman (BA '06) Buffalo, NY
Mia Womack (BA '16) Los Angeles, CA
Matt Wood (BS '95) Brooklyn, NY
Anne Woodhouse (BS '80) Boise, ID
Nicole Woods, Art, Art History & Design, South Bend, IN
Alex Woods, Colorado
Greg Woods (BA '12) Ann Arbor, MI
Matthew Wrablik (BA '16) Los Angeles, CA
Danyell Wright (BFA '91) Savannah, GA
Kate Wrobel (BA '84) Chicago, IL
Daniel Wu (BS '14, MS '15) Iowa City, IA
Aileen Wu (BS '07) Newport Beach, CA
Peter Wurst (BArch '00) San Diego, CA
James Wurst (BArch '75) Miami, FL
Jennifer Wurst-Stallings (BS '94) Charlotte, NC
Noel Don Wycliff (BA '69) South Bend, IN
Claire Yabes Rivas (BS '08) San Antonio, TX
Michelle Yanik (BS '13) Greenville, NC
Andrea Yawman (BA '93) Rochester, NY
David Yeager (BA '04) Austin, TX
Margaret Yeager (BA '04) Austin, TX
Mark Yoshida (JD '94) La Mirada, CA
Marcus Young (BBA '09) New York, NY
Diana Yu (BArch '13) London, UK
Greg Yungtum (BS '14) Iowa City, IA
Sheila Zachman (BA '96) Brooklyn, NY
Nicole Zajkowski (BA '98) Charlotte, NC
Sarah Zalud-Cerrato (BA '02) Albuquerque, NM
Elizabeth Zapf (BA '86) Snite Museum, South Bend, IN
Anna Zaros (MA '11) Minneapolis, MN
Jessica Zarra (BA '08) Montclair, NJ
Jason Zgrabik (BA '08)
Cici Zhang (BD '08) New York, NY
Stephanie Zidek (BS '05) San Diego, CA
Aaron Zielinski (BS '06, BBA '07) Naperville, IL
Tesia Zientek (BA '09) Oklahoma City, OK
Mary Zinkan (BS '98) Bloomington, IN
Michael Zito (BA '06) Fort Worth, TX
Mark Zito (BA '94) Chicago, IL
Anne Zogg (BBA '98) Parker, CO
Martina Zuccarello (BA '08) New York, NY
Marco Zuccarello (BA '09) New York, NY

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