Queens College Student Survival Survey
DONATIONS:  Please go to OUR GOFUNDME PAGE Tinyurl.com/qcsafehousing. 100 percent of funds go to students centering those who've been most impacted by historical and present harm and are trying to successfully graduate or survive.

Survey for students Below

We, a group of dedicated, faculty, staff, and students, want to ensure that we are supporting EVERY Queens College Student, especially those most vulnerable to discriminatory harm. We are using this survey to know where to offer support to students of queens college during this "post covid" return to school for many. Students must include both a queens college email and phone number to complete this survey so we can follow up with resources if you need them. This info is confidential. Please read all the questions and complete as honestly as possible so we can ensure you're getting the support needed. Please lookout for a follow-up email entitled: PLEASE RESPOND QC COVID SURVEY. Responses will come approximately up to 48 hours after completion.
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Name (if you feel comfortable)
Who *specifically* connected you to the survey? (if not a mass email) *
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What are two REALISTIC things you do to help you manage your stress/anxiety that really helps you? (Find things that support you by engaging with your five senses not just visual, but smell, taste, touch, and  hearing, and PEOPLE that feel calming).
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What is your biggest need to help you better deal with this moment or return to campus? *
If you are a Black identified student, what things do you need right now that would show your life matters at QC? (click all that apply)
If you are a student from a historically underrepresented group at QC what things do you need right now that would show your life matters at QC? (click all that apply)
Do you have housing? *
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If you answered no above, what would you need to help you get safe housing?
Are you physically safe in your home? (people don't do things to your physical body without your consent (permission) *
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Are you emotionally safe in your home? (There is no attempt to control you through the manipulation of your self-esteem, sense of personal security, relationships with others, and/or your perception of reality) *
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Do you have income even if you aren’t working at the moment to cover your living expenses? *
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What types of things do you need funding for at this moment? (Check all that apply) *
What additional financial support would you need that isn't listed above? *
How much would you need per month to cover the lack of money brought on by under or unemployment? *
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Many resources we are connected to are demographic/identity specific. Please check ALL identities that apply so we may connect you financial resources to help you during this time. (if you feel comfortable) *
What employment opportunities interest you or do you have previous experience with?
Are you enrolled in QC and able to register for classes?
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TWO PART QUESTION: How are your communications with your professors?  What additional support do you need?
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What additional resources would you need to support you that aren't listed?
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What's your queens' college email? *
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What is your phone number so we can offer an additional text or phone support?
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