WisdomWomen Scholarship Application
We have a limited amount of scholarship funds to give to women of need, and an going crowdfunding campaign to raise more money for scholarship. In order to be considered for scholarship, please fill out the following questionnaire and provide a 1-minute video that shares 1) why you are called to this gathering and 2) why it is important for you to receive financial support.
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Our priority is to provide funding for women who belong to communities that have historically lacked access to wealth opportunities, such as: women of color, indigenous, disabled, LGBTQ, students/youth and elders. Do you belong to any un-represented groups?
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We ask scholarship recipients to pay a portion of their attendance costs. Given this, how much can you pay on your own?
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Please take a moment to tell us about why you believe you qualify for scholarship.
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Are you willing and able to provide us with a 1-minute video?
Your video does not have to be high quality or anything fancy. We request you send your video by youtube or vimeo link and that it does not exceed 1-minute in length. This video will be posted to our crowdfunding campaign, letting our donors know who and why women need scholarship, and potentially helping us raise more funds for other women of need. Your scholarship application will not be considered complete until we receive your video.Please send to support@wisdomwomen.community
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