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For ages 10 & up. Under the mentorship of our director Sara Constantin, our Student Teacher Education Program (STEP) gives youth the opportunity to become leaders while learning how to time manage, take initiative, make healthy choices, preparedness and more! At Squamish Dance Centre, we believe that having an opportunity to develop leadership skills at an early age creates positive, confident and successful humans. Our STEP program will provide you with skills you can use both inside and outside the studio to shine as a leader!
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What is your T-Shirt size? *
We gift our Student Teachers with a T-Shirt which you will wear to your Student Teacher classes. Please let us know what size you are so we can make sure you receive the correct size for a comfortable fit.
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Please put your own email address, not your parents. If you don't have an email address, put your parents.
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Please put your own cell phone number, not your parents. If you don't have a cell phone, put your parents.
Why would you like to be a Student Teacher? *
We can't wait to hear why you are passionate about dance and working with children.
What styles of dance would you like to assist with? *
Please let us know what styles of dance you would like to assist with? Our studio director, Miss Sara, will pair you to the class that she feels best fit for you, the teacher and the students. You will not pair up friends, as it can be hard to focus when you have your buddy in the classroom with you.
How many classes would you like to assist with? *
Let us know how many classes you'd like to help with. Most Student Teachers take on 2-3 classes per week.
STEP Promises *
Please read the following STEP promises and check each promise stating that you understand what is expected by all Student Teachers inside and outside the studio. By checking each box, you are stating that you understand and agree to the promises. If you cannot hold true to your promises, it may result in dismissal from our Student Teacher Education Program.
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