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1. Which of the following is a sign of a UTI in a patient with a Foley Catheter?
2. The physician gives an order for a urine sample for culture and sensitivity. You obtain a sample by:
3. While doing catheter care on your patient with a Foley you notice dried blood at the tip on the urethra. What do you suspect?
4. Your patient has had no urine in the Foley drainage bag in the last 3 hours.
5. What is your first nursing action for the question above?
6. Your ventilator dependent quadriplegic patient should be turned how often unless otherwise ordered by the doctor?
7. You notice a reddened blanching area on your patient's right hip. What action do you take?
8. The best way to perform a skin assessment on your client is to:
9. Your quadriplegic patient is at a high risk for fecal impaction because of:
10. When suctioning a patient with a tracheostomy you:
11. How long should you suction a client via a trach?
12. Which of the following are signs of a respiratory infection in a person with a tracheostomy?
13. What is the importance of humidification in a person with an artificial airway?
14. Which of the following are indications for suctioning?
15. A tracheostomy change should be performed:
16. Bacterial contamination of indwelling urinary catheters for home care patients can often be avoided by:
17. While documenting the care of the home care patient, the nurse realizes that she did not document significant information from the day before. She should:
18. The measure of blood glucose control in a patient with diabetes mellitus is best determined by:
19. Nurses completing incident reports following medication errors should be sure to do all of the following except:
20. When applying sterile gloves, the nurse is careful to:
21. Which of the following observations would indicate that the nurse should withhold a tube feeding?
22. Patient's receiving gastrostomy tube feedings may experience gastric bloating and diarrhea if:
23. If the G-tube is clogged, the nurse should:
24. When cleaning a new peg tube insertion site, the nurse should always cleanse the exit site:
25. Before beginning a tube feeding via nasogastric tube, the nurse must first:
26. When preparing to administer oxygen via nasal cannula, the nurse attaches the oxygen flow meter to a container of distilled water to:
27. During a G-tube change, if the nurse meets resistance when placing the new tube, he/she should then:
28. The patient complains of extreme pain when the nurse begins to inflate the balloon of a urinary catheter. The most probable cause is:
29. Which of the following is the best way for the nurse to assess the intensity of a patient's pain?
30. Which of the following techniques should be utilized when obtaining a patient's blood pressure?
31. Which of the following would assist in reducing the incidence of aspiration in a patient with a tube feeding?
32. If 7.5 L of medication is ordered, the nurse can safely administer:
33. A physician orders 5 ml of cough syrup Q4hrs. The nurse explains to the patient that this is approximately equal to:
34. 7.5 mg of iron is ordered Qday via peg tube. The bottle reads "5 mg per 10ml." The nurse will administer:
35. The patient is receiving restoril 0.015 g po at bedtime for insomnia. The label indicates 15 mg tablets. How many tablets does the nurse administer?
36. Your home care patient has a fever and is experiencing nausea and vomiting. You should administer the antipyretic:
37. Part of the treatment of a patient with a decubitus ulcer is to increase the patient's protein intake. The nurse should explain to the patient that he should eat more:
38. A condition that would not increase the caloric need of a patient would be?
39. A nurse is administering pulse oximetry to a patient receiving oxygen therapy. The nurse explains to the patient that the purpose of this test is to:
40. Hytrin
41. Xopenex
42. Baclofen
43. Zithromax
44. Xanax
45. Tobramycin
46. Phenytoin
47. Novolin R
48. Coumadin
49. Zoloft
50. Zocor
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