Avalon School 2016 Program Registration Form
Please complete this form to apply for a place at Avalon School. If you have any queries before registering please check our FAQs at http://avalon-school.org/faqs, or contact us at http://avalon-school.org/contact.
All the information you are about to give us is used solely for the purpose of the program, and we DO NOT share this information with third parties under any circumstances.
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Please choose one of the programs below. Early Bird Discount for registrations completed by April 8th.
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Here we ask for full details about the participant. Below we will ask for details from parents / guardians.
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Participants are aged 12 to 19, but we can be flexible if necessary with those who feel they fit the program and the group age.
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This is just for our records and below we will ask for parents email. (If you don't know or don't have one, please leave this blank).
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Please indicate any relevant certificate/level. A basic level of spoken English will be required and all participants will have a video interview before their place is accepted.
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Would you like to share a tent with a friend?
Please state the full name of your friend or any other preference regarding tent arrangements.
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Please let us know some key details about the participant's living situation.
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