Week 1 Caravan signup - school ground
This signup sheet has the purpose of arranging caravan spots on the school camping ground for Week 1 only. All other weeks will be done as easy as possible where anyone can grab the open spot when the previous camper leaves.
The reason for this signup sheet is to organize campers coming the first day of camp in a civilized way.
The school camping ground is actually the school football field that the kids use all up to the first day of camp. It is for this reason we need to keep from coming with caravans until the first day of camp. We don't want to have caravans on someone else's property.
If you get a spot on the list, you need to arrive at 10:00 on Saturday, June 29. We will give spots to people that have arrived by this time, and in order of when you signed up on the list,so if you are not there when we call your name, we will give the spot to the next person on the list.

Please enter your name, e-mail address, phone number, and caravan registration number below.
Camping spots on the school camping ground will be handed out on a first come first serve basis according to the time stamp of your submitted name and e-mail address below.

The list of campers who will be able to stay in the school camping ground will be announced through a link on the accommodation tab on the Herräng website, under the title of caravan camping. This is the same place as where you found the link to this signup sheet.

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