IPM Fits ALL Gardens! Explore with MSGN
"Challenges can be opportunities for growth; it depends on how you explore them!"
The Maine School Garden Network believes in engaging students in everyday garden challenges and solutions so they may gain a thorough understanding and appreciation for what it takes to grow their own food successfully. Often times, the leader of a school garden program takes the sole responsibility for diagnosing and troubleshooting garden issues including plant pests and diseases so that students can simply enjoy the garden experience. However, when students are provided the opportunity to explore and solve these garden challenges, they gain more skills and experience from the school garden program.
Fact is, plant pests and diseases pose huge risks to food crops and billions of dollars annually in the US are devoted to managing them to protect our food supply. Allowing students to realize these plant challenges and partake in the process of thoughtful plant protection in their school garden is a valuable experience.
MSGN invites you to explore this perspective with your students! We are offering educational interactive consultations with a focus on applying the thought process of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for ALL ages. The MSGN Coordinator, will be providing visits to school gardens who are interested in learning about how IPM can fit their garden with a particular emphasis on solving problems with beneficial insects "nature's pest control". Would your students enjoy exploring garden challenges and solutions with MSGN? What would this look like?

1) A presentation about IPM and beneficial insects will be tailored to you and your students
2) Students will see and learn about examples of how beneficial insects work in nature
3) The MSGN Coordinator will engage students in and interactive exploration of the school garden to assist in detecting challenges as opportunities to apply the IPM techniques
4) MSGN may provide exploration materials (depending on demand) including hand lenses and sticky traps for monitoring pests
5) The MSGN Coordinator will provide recommendations for implementing biological controls based on the pest challenges observed.

We appreciate your interest in this program! By filling out this form you are expressing interest and that helps us determine the best way to support you and school gardens across the State. As we develop this opportunity you will be contacted with more information, however if you have any questions please contact us as info@msgn.org

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