Arcadia Quest Core Box - Solo Mode
Developing a solo mode for Arcadia Quest is something that has been on our minds for many years. Now with the current pandemic and lockdown, we understand solo plays are crucial! We are committed to bring you as much entertainment as we can to help fill the gap since a lot of board game groups are now unable to meet up.

However! The lockdown state also proposes challenges for us, as it gets hard to playtest the games as much as we normally do. So... that's where you, dear Arcadians, come in!

Please read through the whole form before starting your solo game, and try to write everything down. If you play more than one scenario (we would love it if you did!), please fill one form for each separately so we can understand which scenarios work and which don't and make adjustments accordingly.
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First, we need to understand what you are playing exactly!
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Which 3 Heroes did you play with?
Scenario *
Which Scenario did you play?
Which Difficulty Setting did you play with?
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Which Pets did you use (if any)?
Your Results
Now tell us: what happened during the play?
Did you win or lose the Scenario? *
How many Coins did you have at the end of the Scenario? *
How many times in total did your Heroes die? *
How many turns long was the Scenario? *
Your Opinion
Now, for the part that actually matters the most... Did you enjoy it? What problems did you run into? Try to be short and specific!
Did you encounter any problems (like Upgrade Cards, PvE Quests or something else)?
Please give us any additional feedback to help us develop the solo mode.
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