QKA Coaching Update Return 2018
Please complete this form to certify that you have completed the following requirements for your annual update for 2018.
You will need to send the copies of the required documents to either coaching.director@karatequeensland.com.au (scanned & preferred) or by mail to: PO Box 1809 Capalaba Qld 4157

All Coaches (Bronze, Silver & Gold) need to complete this form and submit it (button at the bottom). The details entered here are the ones forwarded in January to the National Coaching Director to advise of coaches that have successfully completed Updates. You still need to send the required items by email or mail after completing this form.

Due by December 31
(At the latest)
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Required items for maintaining accreditation
(The following items are required to maintain your annual accreditation)
Current Bluecard *
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Current CPR/First Aid Certificate *
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HOS Letter - 20 Hours Coaching *
(A letter from your Head of Style advising that at least 20 hours of coaching has been undertaken at your Dojo or tournaments or events. Only one letter per HOS detailing all coaches in that organisation is sufficient)
6 Hours of Update Training Completed *
Advise how you have completed your 6 hours of coaching update education this year)
Other activities or notes for the Coaching Director...
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Any missing items that need to be supplied
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Note: All coaches need to complete these items to maintain their accreditation under the Australian Sports Commission guidelines for the AKF. No accreditation, no coaching in AKF competitions.
All returns need to be sent to the QKA Coaching Director by 31 December 2018.

Bronze Coaches:
Scanned copies to: coaching.director@karatequeensland.com.au (Preferred)
Mail to: PO Box 1809, Capalaba Qld 4157

Silver & Gold Coaches:
Scanned copies to: coached@akf.com.au
Mail to: PO Box 582, Noarlunga Centre SA 5168

Any suggestions for speakers at the Coaching Update Day in 2019?
(Optional... If you know of any interesting and relevant speakers)
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