1st Pres' Kids Communicants Class Fall 2019
A communicants class is being offered this fall, from October 20th-November 24th, 9:35am-10:05am in the 4th-5th Grade Sunday school department. It will be hosted by Pastor Mike Haberkorn and Misha Sisco. This class is for elementary-aged students who can read (if you have a middle school-aged child whom you'd like to take the class, please let Misha know). Would you like to be more sure of your child's faith, considering having your child joining the church, or want your child to take communion? This class may be for your child! A special reception for the children we will be receiving into the church as believers in Jesus is scheduled for Sunday, December 1st during the Coffee/Coke fellowship time. Contact Misha Sisco at misha@1stpresbyterian.com or 423-648-7903 with any questions.

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