Administrator Library Media Center Survey
As the new Library Technology Teacher, I am excited to begin working with you! The following survey will guide my purchasing decisions as well as inform me of ways to support your administrative needs. I've placed a small token of my appreciation in your faculty box.Thanks!
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Please choose any of the following that you agree with. *
Please provide suggestions for improving any of the statements above that you did not agree with.
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Is the spacial arrangement of the Library Media Center conducive for effective teaching and learning? *
If you marked "It could be better," please explain your concerns.
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Which of the following most closely describes your perception of the desired role of the school's Library Technology Teacher? (Mark all the apply.) *
What Library Media Center services would you like to see added or expanded?
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How important do you believe it is for each of the following to happen at our school. Mark one per row. *
Highly desirable
Don't know or Need more info
Access to school library is scheduled on the basis of instructional needs rather than on a regular or required fixed schedule.
Library Technology Teacher and classroom teachers design and teach instructional units together.
Library Technology Teacher provides in-service professional development to faculty.
Prinicipal addresses teacher's collaboration with librarians in teacher's annual evaluations.
What types of faculty in-service would you like the Library Technology Teacher to provide? If possible, include the approximate date. *
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Have you utilized the Library Media Center's resources professionally or personally? Explain. *
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Please list any print books, eBooks, magazines, or pedagogy books you would like to see added to the collection.
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Have you heard of Maker Spaces? *
If so, list any suggestions you have for Maker Spaces that supports the school's curriculum and/or student interests.
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Would you be open to participating in a student book club or reading the books in the annual Warrior Book Club Challenge? (This can be a motivating factor for students as well as providing a topic of conversation and connection with students.) *
Would you visit the Library Media Center's website if it had great links, videos, and how-tos supporting your needs as an administrator? *
Please list any resources you would like to see on the Library Media Center's website.
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Please make any final suggestions for changes or improvements for the Library Media Center.
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Would you be interested in a "for fun" faculty book club or film club? (genre, number of meetings, food pairings--TBD) *
Thank you!
Thank you for completing the survey! Your thoughts, ideas, and comments will be so helpful when planning programming and making purchasing decisions. Thank you for all you do for our school and students. You're the best! Go Warriors!
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