2017 MPF Speaker Contract
Please fill out and return by November 1, 2016.

Travel expenses: MPF will reimburse you for up to two (2) nights' lodging plus tax, airfare OR mileage to/from the MPF Convention location, shuttle or taxi service to/from departing and arriving airports (if you are flying), and three (3) meals per day for up to two (2) days.

Proceedings: A written submission is MANDATORY of all speakers at the 2017 MPF Convention. MPF will provide the following honorarium based on this schedule:
- Submit Proceedings by February 15, 2017 - $150
- Submit Proceedings by March 1, 2017 - $75
- Submit Proceedings after March 1, 2017 - $0

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Home Address (required for expense reimbursement & Proceedings honorarium payment)
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University / Organization/Company Name
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OPTIONAL: My company will cover ALL my travel expenses for attending and presenting at the 2017 MPF Convention. I waive the right to receive any travel reimbursement from MPF. In return, MPF will list by company as a "speaker sponsor" on workshop signage, printed materials, mobile app, and website.
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