Student Strategic Planning Input Questionnaire
Thank you for helping us with our strategic planning process. This long-term planning process will assist us in creating stronger educational programs. Please answer the following questions with a five-year time frame in mind unless the question indicates differently.
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Objective 1: Efficient Resources
What repairs/alterations/improvements do you believe are needed in the Bridgerland Technical College (BTECH) building(s)?
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What strategies will help BTECH efficiently use resources to maximize student success?
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Objective 2: Professional Practices
How can BTECH increase effectiveness of educators, administrators, and staff?
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Objective 3: Reduce or Eliminate Barriers
How can we eliminate or reduce barriers to student enrollment?
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How can we improve student access, participation, and completion?
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Objective 4: New Technologies
What technologies should we explore to be more efficient, resourceful, and/or create better learning experiences for students?
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Objective 5: Outcomes & Achievement
What can we do to reduce student withdrawals?
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Objective 6: Awareness
What specific things can we do to improve perception and awareness in the value of technical education at BTECH?
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