Pro Bono App for an NGO - Summer 2019
We are Cobalt Sign → an app development company in Timisoara, Romania. We develop beautiful apps for iOS and Android. Our own app, "Ready Set Holiday!" has over 1.9 million downloads.

We love apps & everything related and we enjoy sharing this passion and knowledge with the community.

Since 2012, each summer, we’ve been organizing a free app development course for students and we also created a couple of pro-bono apps for our city.

This year we decided to start helping organizations worldwide. Each summer, during our 2-months internship program we will focus on developing an app for an NGO, according to their needs. Our interns will have the opportunity to learn teamwork and software development skills on a real project, with our guidance.

We will select an app based on its complexity, in order for it to fit our capacity and time frame.

→ March - June: apply for an app
→ 15 June: we will announce the selected app
→ June - July: technical discussions and send needed resources
→ July - September: internship program / app development
→ September - October: publish the app

Write us about your app idea and we will get back to you.

Here is the app developed during our internship program in 2018:

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We will need a contact person to discuss details with. In order to develop an app we might need design, marketing or technical information. Examples: technical infrastructure mentioned above, materials for the app stores, logo / app icon, app description, etc.
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We need to be able to receive timely answers and access to information, to be able to plan the development process, to discuss and implement the app.
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