When should I see a #DANCEMEDPRO?
Trying to decide when it's time to get your injury checked out? Take this quiz to find out!
1. I take Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, or Aleve before class to ward off any pain that may come on while dancing.
2. I keep a brace or KT tape in my bag in case I start to feel pain or instability while dancing.
3. My pain makes it hard to sleep comfortably.
4. My pain is way less than it has been, but it’s still there, especially when I’m dancing.
5. Even though my pain is gone from when I got injured, I still don’t feel like I can dance 100%.
6. I avoid certain moves or positions in dance class because I’m not sure I can do them without pain.
7. I ice every night after dancing to reduce swelling.
8. I’ve gotten multiple injections to decrease pain, and they seem to work for a while.
9. I have no pain as long as I wear my tape or brace.
10. My pain affects me both in and out of dance.
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